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Adam Lambert Instagram: @rockyhorrorfox check out my duet of #sciencefiction w @ivylevan - who's lips were weirder? These are mine

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The Dark Side said...

Guess what Adam we recognized your lips immediately... I mean what are fans for? Lol

Lam-My said...

Yea, love the super singing of Adam! a lot of vibrato and voice emotion.
The first part, the best part is sort of left a bit hanging, doesn't make a comeback, perhaps 70s style; the second part rambling Rumba 70s.
This caught my attention...'when tarantula took to the hills...' straight away brought back my tarantula Mars story. At this point Hot Patootie/Partootay is my favourite, it gels together with the video which by the way, I actually turn off when Dr Frank reaches for the knife. Overall, I like the whole Rocky Horror Show...Adam injected a lot of flair into it.
Recuperate well Dr Brian, cosmic red guitar. Not bad, you got through the Asian Tour with flying colours! I read later, you were 'at the end of your thrust' as you walked down the Q catwalk at the Padang. Get well soon! Perhaps come back next September same place!

Lam-My said...

KillerQueen was out looking for somebody to love. As he was strolling in the woods near his home on the Hills, he heard a voice beckoning to him. He ventured closer and found a young handsome man sitting by the stream; KillerQueen got closer and asked who he was as he had never seen him before. His name was Saulbert and he explained he was waiting for his turtle to surface bringing him fish from the stream.
At that moment, a gush of water splashed out of the placid stream, wetting them. Whoa! exclaimed KillerQueen, what was that?
Well, Tammy the turtle emerged with a mouthful of fresh, flapping tilapias. KillerQueen was amused and surprised by the size of Tammy, and that Saulbert could actually train a turtle to fetch fish The newly-made friends then got back to Saulbert's homestead on the hilltop, a rather modern state-of-the-art cave-dwelling wired with computerised sensors and switches. They proceeded to barbecue those freshly-caught delicious and the smoky aroma permeated the hilltop.

And then, something black and hairy rested on a branch nearby and immediately attracted KillerQueen's attention.
A hairy Tarantula ! hanging from a silken thread. It reminded him of his dear Alien friend MarsSpider who addressed him as Marsbert. Its eyes seemed to send out two red beams. So was MarsSpider tracking him again.
Sure enough, a low droning sound was heard on the helicopter pad not far from the barbecue pit.
Lo and behold ! ten MarsSpiders filed out of their spaceship which had landed on the pad. Saulbert, a computer geek, couldn't believe what he saw; his first encounter of the fourth kind.
The MarsSpiders had come to bring bad tidings. Their SpiderKing had taken ill and was dying. He had requested to see Marsbert for the last time. Marsbert felt sad on hearing the news; they communicated via alien telekinesis. SpiderKing was his favourite Alien ! who loved the song Spiders On Mars. Moreover SpiderKing had rescued him on his near-fatal Mars landing crash some years back.

Soon the spaceship with Marsbert and Saulbert on board was on its way through a time portal, sped like lightning and in no time landed in front of their red cave. An entourage of black MarsSpiders carried their dying SpiderKing out on a stretcher made of silken threads woven into a cocoon-like structure.
SpiderKing stared at Marsbert with bulging watery eyes; its eight legs were all curled inward limp; it sure looked so different from his first encounter with the vivacious SpiderKing; thought Marsbert.

He stroked SpiderKing gently and sang:
Lord - somebody - somebody - Can anybody find me - Somebody Tooooo Looove.....his voice piercing into SpiderKing's limp disjointed body.
At this moment, out of the blue, SpiderKing stood up on its eight legs and his exoskeleton started vibrating again.
All his spider subjects bowed to their King with watery eyes and then they heaved Marsbert up to glorify him for saving their King. Saulbert was utterly flabbergasted:
Holy moly! What on Earth er Mars happened !
It swept him off his feet, even under extreme low Martian gravity.
Yes, Marsbert's voice as we already know, has healing powers. It supercharged SpiderKing to make a vital comeback.

Lam-My said...

At this moment, KillerQueen heard a familiar voice calling him:
'KillerQueen, get off your killer couch! 'We're leaving on our jet-plane for the next concert venue.' KillerQueen suddenly snapped out of his beautiful Sleepwalker teleportation.

As he was about to leave, he spotted something on the killer-couch; he picked it up, turned it round, scrutinised it. Oooh-la-la! A hairy Tarantula leg!
So I was there! shrieked KillerQueen. SpiderKing lost one leg!

'Wait for me ! I'm coming...' KillerQueen yelled out to his Queen comrades; still floating on cloud 9 ...

Lam-My ~ February 20, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Anonymous said...

Luscious lips! <3