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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Halloween version of #evilinthenight @thexfactorau

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Posted at : Monday, October 31, 2016

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Lam-My said...

Wah! Evil In The Night spits fire like a dragon in the sky. Very elaborate XFactor stage setting.
Happy Halloween Adam! 1 Nov happens to be my Baptism day...I was 12 years old then.

Lam-My said...

Clang clang clang...Glampire rushed up to the 4th floor. Dracula was returning from a deviant night out. His rickety horse-carriage with the clanking canisters always alerted Glampire who wondered what was inside those canisters...blood? or fresh mud to line his coffin at the hilltop.
All of a sudden, Glampire heard a scream from Dracula's carriage and then... a woman was seen hanging by her leg that had slipped from the carriage and she was being dragged uphill.

Holy moly! Glampire instantly got on his black stallion and sped down the winding hillroad to save the screaming lady.
Yes, it was one of Dracula's exploits to lure Glampire. As Glampire approached the gilded carriage, Dracula shapeshifted into a demon with fangs ready to strike. Flew out and immediately sank his blood-tainted fangs into handsome Glampire's neck!

Ahhhh! Glampire grimaced in pain.
At that decisive moment, a bolt of lightning struck Dracula's eyes. The bloodthirsty vampire let go of Glampire; shielded his eyes from the blinding light. Vampires are terrified of bright light.
Glampire got back up immediately, jumped onto his frantic stallion which was kicking up its forelegs, as if sensing the danger its master was in. Glampire did not have his Caesar laser-ring with him, his only weapon to subdue Dracula.
As Glampire's stallion galloped away, on the winding road heading to his antique mansion, he spotted a white python hanging from a willow branch. He knew who she was and reached out to stroke Lily White Snake who often waited for Glampire to pass by the stream to; his secret admirer.
Lo and behold Lily White Snake leapt onto Glampire and started constricting him. Glampire conked out. She was under Dracula's hypnotism to do his beck and call.

When he finally came to, Glampire found himself in total darkness with no inkling where he was except that he could hardly move; there was a musty smell. Then, he heard footsteps approaching.
Crreeaak! a lid opened. Whoa! Glampire was lying in a coffin and Dracula was gazing down at him with blood-shot eyes. Oooh-la-la! Dracula finally got his most prized possession entombed...enslaved to carry out his orders.
Dracula now had full control of Glampire's psyche. He showed him a hologram of a handsome man. He commanded Glampire to capture him so he could siphon fresh blood to keep himself 'alive'. Glampire obeyed with no defence capability to fend off the demonic hypnotism.

Glampire got on his black stallion and headed straight for Dracula's victim, a handsome young man. He accosted the unsuspecting victim, a hiker walking along the winding hillroad and offered him a ride to the top of the hill.
At this moment, a lightning bolt struck and Glampire almost fell off his stallion. He harnessed his total strength and concentration which he had achieved in meditation, and woke from his hypnotic stupor. Realising what he was doing, at once, told the hiker to leave the area immediately.

Soon, Glampire heard the unmistakable footsteps of Dracula who had come to claim his victim. Using his praying-mantis kungfu, Glampire jumped up onto the trees.
Lily White Snake was still hanging from the willow tree. Lily loved Glampire and would do anything to protect him. She slithered down the willow tree and ambushed Dracula taking him by surprise and constricted the evil doer in a chokehold.
Lily White Snake's love for Glampire had surged to the fore to overcome her Draculian clutch to carry out evil.
Dracula was near axphisiation and dissapated in a swirl of purple ashes. Lily White Snake shapeshifted back to her usual demure self in a slinky, flowing silk dress and smiled at Glampire who had given her the empowerment to cast off Dracula's evil. Glampire's stallion continued trotting up the winding hillroad, with Lily riding pillion.


Lam-My said...

Should be : asphyxiation.