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Celeb Mix: Adam Lambert Gave His Fans A Halloween Treat Via Snapchat

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, October 27, 2016

After seeing Adam Lambert sing “I Put A Spell On You” originally by “Screamin’ Jay Hawkins at a Halloween party at Bootsy Bellows formerly in 2014, he brought that Halloween spirit back today via Snapchat!
Not long ago, Adam took to Snapchat to post a total of five clips singing “I Put A Spell On You” once again. We don’t know about you, but we’re totally getting some dark werewolf vibes seeing those stunning neon green eyes throughout each clip. To make it even spookier, the sixth and last clip featured Adam screaming as a rabbit with skull ears, red eyes, and bloody teeth.Thanks Snapchat.


Adam Lambert Gave His Fans A Halloween Treat Via Snapchat 

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Lam-My said...

19 hours ago - Uploaded by adamlambert_pic
2016-10-27 Adam Lambert on Snapchat 'I Put A Spell On You ...

Yea, very good vibrato/vocals as always...The rabbit is helluva cute!

I think I got an Adam rabbit story stashed away somewhere or was it a squirrel. I'll look for it. lol!

By the way, whatever animal or object Adam mentions...I seem to have a story stashed away; like "tarantula took to the hills". Also, Lily White Snake on Adam's t-shirt or how about praying-mantis, oh, that's mine. Adam has yet to dress up as an insect. lol!