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Concert Blogger: Adam Lambert + Queen thrill nearly 10,000 fans during their Hong Kong debut

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, October 06, 2016

September 28, 2016 | Hong KongAdam Lambert is an astonishing singer. His range is near operatic, able to transform “We Are The Champions”, the well known, overplayed anthem by Queen, into a fresh, thrilling experience. Upon seeing him perform 21 songs over the course of the group’s Hong Kong debut before nearly 10,000 people at the AsiaWorld-Arena, it’s obvious that both Lambert and the group complement, respect and inspire each other.
Unfortunately, it’s the larger than life singer Freddie Mercury who helped catapult the group from UK band into a world renowned legendary act. And the few times the late singer is reverently seen and heard onscreen, most notably during “Bohemian Rhapsody’s” famed operatic sequence, his range and charisma steal the show.

During his introduction to “Somebody To Love”, Lambert even alluded to this while thanking both Hong Kong fans for their support and Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor for the opportunity to share the stage. “I’ve been doing this for four years and I still feel incredibly lucky, but there will only be one Freddie Mercury,” he graciously said.


Adam Lambert + Queen thrill nearly 10,000 fans during their Hong Kong debut

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The Dark Side said...

I disagree I do not believe Freddie steals the show! He adds a great deal to the history but it's Adam and Brian who steal the show!

Nanbert said...

I agree, the Dark Side, the crowd reacts because it is set up for them to do so. Actually, probably only a handful in the audience EVER saw Freddie in person, and those not likely to be Chinese.....because, as we all know, this was Queen's FIRST visit to China.

Hearing earlier Queen recordings/videos can never compete with the LIVE experience of QAL... and that is how Chinese fans will "remember" Queen now.... with Adam. Don't forget that Adam has already been voted as China's Favorite International Artist in 2013, and it's more than possible that most Chinese fans will think of these concerts as Adam Lambert and Queen, instead of vice-versa!

In any case, it has been good PR to include Freddie video in their concerts, and have Adam give credit to Freddie, which has helped many die-hard Freddie fans to accept the transition, and not to feel disloyal to Freddie.

It is always hard not to idolize someone AFTER they die... and, of course, Freddie was a massive talent and deserved to become an icon... but would that have ever happened without the staggering talent of the other Queen members? They wrote/arranged those songs TOGETHER-- and justly deserve the right to play and enjoy performing the fruits of their labor before appreciative and adoring audiences. Brian and Roger are ICONS too...just living ones!

How wonderful that Adam can help bring Queen's legacy back to life again! And, alternatively, Queen can contribute to Adam's growing legacy, as well. Symbiotic! Long live QAL!

Anne Marie said...

Nanbert: I couldn't agree with you more, took the words out of my mouth. Every country who sees QUAL now, will remember it more about Adam singing with Queen, although for some Freddie will never be forgotten, which is OK of course. But Adam and Queen have between them made it alive once more. Freddie has not stolen any of the shows, they have tactfully included him, but he is not the main attraction by any means. It's the music and Adam's presentation of it with Brian and Roger, they steal the show 100%. JMO

Anonymous said...

The writer of this review says "Unfortunately, it’s the larger than life singer Freddie Mercury who helped catapult the group from UK band into a world renowned legendary act." That should read "Fortunately" not "Unfortunately". Like it or not, when many people think of Queen, they think of Freddie .... he was a superb frontman, singer, songwriter & musician. He composed a great number of Queen's songs. But now the legacy is carried on by the remaining members of Queen with Adam & that's a mighty fine thing! :-)