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Master Herald: Adam Lambert Endorsing the Candidacy of Hillary Clinton for US President on His Twitter Account

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, October 29, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, October 29, 2016

Less than two weeks to go before the US presidential elections, American music artist Adam Lambert has already made his choice and he wants his fans and the Americans to know who it is.

Apparently, the “Ghost Town” singer is endorsing the candidacy of former US Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton to become the next president of America.
Lambert posted on his Twitter handle on October 25 ‘Vote @HillaryClinton and adding the hashtags #firstwoman and #HillaryClinton. He no longer justified his preference for Clinton over Republican candidate Donald J. Trump.

It is actually the first time that the “American Idol” alum made public his political preference via his Twitter account and critics believe that it certainly gives the candidacy of Hillary Clinton a boost notwithstanding the huge fan base of Adam Lambert not only in the US but all over the world.
Showing his new ink
Adam Lambert recently got a new ink on his body early this month which he received courtesy of Sang Bleu London tattoo artist Maxime Buchi, reports Idolator.


Adam Lambert Endorsing the Candidacy of Hillary Clinton for US President on His Twitter Account 

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The Dark Side said...

Adam and lots of celebrities have endorsed Clinton as she supports one and all.

Lam-My said...

This American Elections is really the hottest thing right now. As for me, I follow it quite closely. I would like at this point to Congratulate both very powerful Leaders...their ferocity, determination, vision to help their people scale a steep treacherous climb / world. Their leadership is palpable in their own different ways; ultimately, their goal is the same! to uplift the lives of their people.

But since, we all have to make a choice, real or virtual...I'm casting my virtual vote for Donald Trump. My reason being his vision is wider and would encompass the world more wholesomely and that's what the world needs.
The other thing is when I feel something strongly without pans out most times in my own life experiences; so if Hillary Clinton wins, this would be almost the first time it didn't; but it's okay.

Artemis said...

Adam is pretty much apolitical. However, he was an Obama supporter, so it should come as no surprise that he is supporting Clinton, nor should it be a surprise why. I think he supports people, issues, and events that are all inclusive.

Lam-My said...

This picture of Adam is rather cute; I think he sang a very high note and his expression sort of says: Hmm, can you do what I did? lol!

Now, the extract says Adam is not giving preference to any one candidate. Maybe, he got some advice or complaints.

I think they should work together rather than against each other...after all their ultimate goal is the same!

Nanbert said...

The Republican (Trump) agenda is anti-gay and would repeal gay-marriage... that has to be the primary reason Adam is for Clinton (Democrats).

Also, Clinton is the only adult of the two candidates, as well the most qualified, as far as experience is concerned, to make any progress in untangling the gridlock in our government.

Trump will just go in and start giving orders--- which will not work.... he has to work with the House and Senate. Then he will get angry and offend everyone he hasn't yet offended.

Our government just does NOT WORK LIKE A CORPORATION.... there's many checks and balances... to avoid anyone becoming President who would imagine themselves KING or EMPEROR or DICTATOR. But those checks and balances also define our democracy, even though they can lead to gridlock when people won't compromise for the common good. It controls those who would like to exercise more power than is allowed and is defined in our constitution.

Clinton has worked in.... and can operate within those boundaries. Trump doesn't have a clue how to make things work under those situations, is used to giving orders and having them followed... and will be like a bull in a china shop while trying to get his way! Not only that, he seems disinterested in learning how things work, and does not compromise in any case!

lollymop said...

I've always liked and admired Hillary. When she became a candidate it made me very happy and excited. She's also very well qualified for the job. As much or more than any other person who has ever run for POTUS.

It's was no surprise to have Adam endorse her. He's already tweeted what he thinks of the other candidate and it was not an expression of confidence.

I feel we must keep the progress for equal rights for everyone that has been made and push forward to complete that job. Hillary is for that also. Forward with love and respect for one another.

Lam-My said...

Yes, I do agree checks and balances are very important; never believed in dictatorship which cannot hold a people together. Persuasion, logic, actions that alleviate poverty and educate people to their fullest potential, fairness/justice for all, work a lot more effectively. Fighting tooth and nail against each other is not exactly the cornerstone of democracy; in fact, it may weaken the system from within and exposes its fault-line and ultimately the country/people to danger. There must be better ways to work a democracy! other than trying to 'kill' each other using ruthless tactics.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Donald Trump as POTUS would be a tragedy for this country!! He wants to undo all the progress we've made in the past & take us back to things as they were long ago similar to Hitler & what he did to Germany!! I shudder to think what could happen if he wins & I'm praying every day all day that he doesn't win!! It would be history repeating itself!! (chills & shivers) ... I've done what little I can & voted for Hillary!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

With all its faults, our democracy has outlived all others. It's ours... and to be cherished. ....we live in the greatest country in the world. I've read that many leaders in the world, as well as citizens of their countries, fear Trump becoming president. Many lean towards

But it is OUR country, and NON-AMERICANS SHOULD KEEP THEIR OPINIONS TO THEMSELVES!... they only see a tiny piece of the puzzle... and know only a small bit of the history and background. It is OUR lives involved in these discussions and decisions. We live in an enormous and very diverse country and citizenry... which we understand much better than non-Americans ever can.

Trump will shred our democracy. The real irony is that the majority of the people that support him, are those that he has never (and will never) mingle with socially in his private life.

Clinton has worked for Families and Children all her life.. starting while she was still in college. Much of that was pro-bono volunteerism during the earlier years especially. She has been working with and for the underpriviledged all her life. No, she is not perfect... who is... but she is a million times better suited and experienced to be President.

Nanbert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

Outsiders should keep their opinions to themselves ? Well well well...people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. How come your country seems to have lots of opinions about other countries' affairs?
Always the double standard! You can do it and others can't. In any case, outsiders can! give their opinions because whoever becomes the President will inadvertently affect the world at large. As regards democracy, I say it as I see fit, without over-stepping...that's democratic!

Lam-My said...

I would not be writing anything about the Elections if it was not posted here; so I'm not doing it to discredit America or the people. I follow Adam, his music and insights. I enjoy writing on things that interest me. Please don't stifle...

Lam-My said...

Go fly a kite
It'll help you see the light
And include other people
Rather than throw them by the wayside
The world has become really connected
Opinions are just a way
Of expressing what seems right
If they do not please you
No need to pick a fight
Who knows...I may be right
But that's not why I love to write

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@Lam-My ... I'm not disputing your right to your opinion but Donald Trump is an egomaniac with delusions of grandeur!! All he cares about is himself ... I'm 80 yrs. old & I've seen many elections throughout the years but never the mud slinging slurs made by Donald Trump. He has through this campaign managed to turn friends against friends & even family members are at odds because of his undocumented lies!! And when he is confronted with his own words he completely denies everything he said & blames the media for being against him!! He has bilked hundreds maybe even thousands of people who have worked for him in the past out of their hard-earned pay & even contractors have been known to go out of business because he refuses to honor his contracts which end up in court with him dragging out the litigations for years!! He is unconscionable in all his business dealings & has even failed to pay taxes throughout the years finding one loophole after another!! I won't go any further ... I've said enough!! I voted for Hillary Clinton & I proudly stand by my choice!! I only hope & pray that others will do the same!! The man is a DANGER to the United States!! That's my honest opinion!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Tess... Okay, I accept that you definitely know more than I because you are living it; I've heard most of what you said above via CNN. I am not questioning the choices of American people; it's just that I feel painful for these two great Leaders to be thrown into an arena where they try to slaughter each other day in day out! So I merely gave my opinion/suggestion as to whether there could be a more viable method of democracy; rather than your country always being split into two factions. Just a fleeting thought, not questioning the American democracy; I know I'm not in the capacity to do that because I've not lived it like you. I have heard all the good works of Hillary Clinton, very admirable indeed, dedicating her whole life to other people and also Donald Trump who gives employment to thousands through his businesses at home/worldwide.Either way, I think you will have a very good President on the horizon.
As for my leaning towards Donald's most likely I'm viewing it from a global aspect; he seems wider in his outlook and may be the catalyst for bringing the world closer rather than the present fragmented situation/non-stop wars! If a certain method which has been ongoing for a very long time and doesn't work, perhaps a change is needed to wake everyone up. In short, Donald Trump, macro. Hillary Clinton micro.

lollymop said...

Lam-My I'm interested in your thoughts on how a DT presidency will be good for Adam. You do know that Trump and Pence are proposing to solve the 'Gay problem' by having them all go thru electroshock treatments. HC thinks there is no need to 'fix' gays (My words, she said it better than me but I can't find the quote) Don't you think Adam would have put himself thru these treatments if that's what he wanted? Do you feel this is the right thing for Adam?

lollymop said...

Lam-My, FYI
Joy Reid ‏@JoyAnnReid
Joy Reid Retweeted Jim Wallis
Here we go...Joy Reid added,

Jim Wallis @jimwallis
Trump supporters--men with dogs--showed up at early voting polling place in Cincinnati to intimidate black voters. Yelling matches ensued.

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw... you have said it so well! Trump has.. and will.. bring out the lowest common denominator in our country. Civility will be a thing of the past. Our children will have a President who is narcissistic, bigoted, self-centered, a braggart, and an inveterate liar to emulate! He is so thin-skinned that we can expect more turmoil, fighting, and disarray within our government institutions than actions for the good of the country.

But the most terrifying part of all is that someone with his temperament will have his finger on the "button".

He's not running for President...he's running for Dictator! That's why he thinks Putin is a better leader than Obama!

Lam-My said...

Lollymop... I watched the rather eye-opening interview by Joy Reid.
Regarding the electric-shock treatment therapy...I've heard of it, that's just very archaic to me; not likely it would be accepted by most gay people; psychiatrists have not endorsed such a proposal/therapy; said it will do more harm than good.

Lam-My said...

More like 'eye-opener' I think...(above).

lollymop said...

Accepted by gays? Right now the only power gays have is what straight white men say they will have. What makes you think they will have a choice under Trump? Do under age children get a say? I do not understand why Trump supporters think he's presidential material and yet reject just about all the things he says he will do.