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Daily Mail UK: X Factor judge Adam Lambert struggles to keep up as contestant Amalia Foy, 15, drags him to her high school maths class

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Posted at : Sunday, November 20, 2016

The X Factor judge and coach took the world by storm after coming second in American Idol in 2009.
And it seems Adam Lambert found his calling in the entertainment industry, as he showed he wasn't one for numbers during a high school maths class last week.
Ahead of the grand final, each of the coaches attended a hometown visit with the contestants they were mentoring - and for Adam, that meant a visit to a Melbourne high school.

But the singer, who often performs in the role of Freddy Mercury with the remaining members of Queen, qualified his struggles by pointing out he was always good at geometry. 
After spending the class struggling to keep up and distracting the other students and even the teacher, Amalia couldn't hold it in.
Giggling, she told the camera: 'Adam,at maths... I think he is better off sticking to singing'.



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Dee R Gee said...

I can sympathize with Adam! In high school, I was in Honors English all four years. But the only D I ever got was in Geometry. I managed a C in Algebra. Adam said he was better with Geometry than Algebra, but I could just never figure out those proofs. I heard that kids don't even do proofs in Geometry anymore. Looks like Adam really riled up that Math class! Good thing he went into singing. LOL

glitzylady said...

We've known that math wasn't Adam's favorite subject but personally I dislike the title of this article.. It's a bit demeaning to be honest.. The segment itself was funny and cute, but still.... Just my honest opinion.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Today's Math is Nothing like the math from when ADAM was in school nor me either & I am twice his age & received a medal in 8th grade for math ... but that was when math was numbers .. not a bunch of letters & symbols like now!! I can sympathize with ADAM too.. I'd be the one in the front of the class wearing the DUNCE cap ... if anyone even knows what that is ... I doubt it ... lol!!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

glity, I don't much like the title either. Meant to make Adam looks less than smart, which he is definitely NOT. But yes, it was a fun segment anyway. Adam in his favorite type of school: CHARM SCHOOL.

Dee R Gee said...

Sorry glitzy, didn't mean to call you glity. :)

LTA said...

I hate Math but fortunately, I graduated whew!!:). Music is the best he!he!

fluttsp said...

'That's the only class I failed in school!' X Factor judge Adam Lambert struggles to keep up as contestant Amalia Foy, 15, drags him to her high school maths class. That's the full title of this article. In any event, it's a silly statement & has nothing to do with singing. There are some "rags" that just love trying to bring people down.

Tess, I remember what the Dunce caps means. By some miracle, I avoided it but I was never good at algebra & geometry.

fluttsp said...

^^That should read 'the Dunce cap means'.