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IB Times AU: After Isaiah Firebrace’s big win, fans want Adam Lambert to return next season

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Sunday, November 27, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, November 27, 2016

It seems young crooner Isaiah Firebrace wasn’t the only one who wowed fans of “X Factor Australia” 2016. Avid watchers of the hit reality show appeared to be so impressed with his mentor, Adam Lambert, they want him back in next year’s panel.
On Nov. 21, Isaiah was catapulted to victory, besting three other finalists in the epic grand finals: runner-up Davey Woder, followed by Vlado Saric and Amalia Foy. Apart from the 17-year-old singer’s undeniable talent and charm, followers of “X Factor Australia” credit his win to Adam, who’s mostly responsible about his looks and song choices.
This is the first time that Adam has been chosen as judge and mentor in “X Factor Australia,” although he has performed as guest star in 2015. The “American Idol” runner-up’s experience in a TV singing competition may have helped him produce stellar acts – he’s the only judge this year with two representatives in his Under 22s category.


After Isaiah Firebrace’s big win, fans want Adam Lambert to return next season  

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The Dark Side said...

Adam did a great job as judge/mentor on XFAU! He was honest, brought humors and sass to the panel...not to mention his own sense of fashion!

Allysa Mentor said...

I thought I saw something about Adam replacing someone on The XFactor UK???

LTA said...

I hope Adam can finish his 4th album asap!!!!:) I'm so hungry for more!!!:) Adam can rest while producing new ideas for his up coming new album he!he!he! Selfish of me!:) Sorry guys!!:)

Dee R Gee said...

Even if the XF AU is not renewed next season due to low ratings, Adam can be proud of his stint as judge/mentor. He obviously drew the attention of lots of viewers who fell in love with him. He was great on the show. He gained new fans, I'm sure. They'll buy his new music. This might lead to bigger things, high-paying things. Who knows? I want whatever will get Adam's name and face out there for people to discover.

And LTA, I totally agree. I am hungry for new music, too. I pray that his next album will do really well and have some top singles. We HAVE to get another solo tour!!! QAL is great, but I want to see Adam shining in his own light.

Nanbert said...

I am always torn between Adam and his own music, and Adam with Queen.

Queen is so monumental...and such a showcase for Adam's voice... the band and music seems readymade, so BIG, and so known and loved... that its kind of a force of nature... a whirlwind that only Adam can ride. And Queen would die without him, because there is no one to replace him.

Queen gives Adam such exposure and credibility... on an enormous worldwide scale... and displays his amazing versatility and showmanship.

Adam has a lifetime of his OWN music ahead of him... and in fact, he seems to find time to produce it and tour on his own as well... along with acting on Glee, judging X Factor AU, playing Eddie on RHPS, and do dozens of interviews, sing a George Michael song on a Greatest Hits show, etc. etc.,, and guest-singing on various shows, etc.

Adam's light is shining as brightly with Queen as it will with his own music....but he still is not at a level to bring in the enormous crowds that Queen can... and don't you hear them chanting his name when he leaves the stage for costume changes? Thousands and thousands more people know and love him because of Queen.

Time is precious... Queen won't be able to continue much longer. And I hope they get as much touring in as possible while they can. Also, it is beginning to look like they "may" do some recording together. And certainly the news of a release of a QAL DVD is SO exciting!

Last, but not least, Queen has been an enormous source of income for Adam... and he has been able to tour and travel with them at a much higher level then he can afford... besides sharing the weight of carrying the show with others. He is learning so much about all aspects of touring on a grand scale and producing unforgetable music.... while at the same time being with enormously talented, warm, admiring friends.