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Idolator: Adam Lambert And Robbie Williams Finally Meet

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, November 21, 2016

Posted at : Monday, November 21, 2016

Many moons ago — in August 2015 — British crooner Robbie Williams gave an interview to New Zealand radio program The Polly And Grant Show, and he had nothing but praise for fellow pop singer Adam Lambert. “On the TV he’s really, really beautiful, he’s stunning and he’s got the most amazing voice,” Williams said at the time. “He’s a bit Elvisy, isn’t he? He’s really handsome and strikes me as a nice person. I should sing something with him. Will you tell him I said, ‘Hi’ and send my love and I said we should do something?”
Well, lo and behold, Adam and Robbie finally met, as the latter performed on Monday’s finale episode of The X Factor Australia, which the former was a judge on this whole season.


Adam Lambert And Robbie Williams Finally Meet  

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Lam-My said...

Aha, Idolator writer uses my frequent phrases: 'many moons ago' and 'lo and behold'.
Actually, 'lo and behold' dates back to the time, listening to Father Chia's Sunday homilies at Holy Cross Church; he said it almost every time at his rather uneventful homilies at Sunday Mass. lwl! Another phraseology he liked using was: 'Good luck, bad luck, who knows...' He was pointing out that some presumably 'bad' occurrences can turn out to be good for us. Well, kind of true; sometimes it's the 'bad' events that change our lives for the better; can also be for the worse though. The last I heard of Father Chia was he was hospitalised for a long time.

As for 'many moons ago' belongs to a late rather weird colleague of mine, quite the genius type at Maths and Science.

Now, regarding Robbie Williams, don't know him well, other than his 'You Know Me' rabbit song; I think he may not be able to cope with Adam's more fiery vocals.
Not to worry, Adam is rather effective at floating a sinking ship as seen with Queen, a bit drifting...but now is more and more like a 3-D speedboat. lwl!

Nanbert said...

"Many Moons Ago" is an idiom that is commonly used by speakers and writers of American English. It can be regularly found in American literature, Book Titles, Song Titles, Music lyrics, Musicals. In fact, it is the name of a song "Many Moons Ago" in the Broadway musical "Once Upon A Mattress". It is considered to have originated with the Native Americans, and refers to their use of "moon" to describe a passage of a month in time (full moon to full moon). As used in America today, the idiom means "a long time ago".

I doubt that you could find an American who is not conversant with the phrase "Many Moons Ago", although it is mostly unfamiliar to the rest of the world.