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The X Factor Australia Tweeted: Who caught @AdamLambert's Halloween performance of 'Evil In The Night' on The X Factor - Australia?

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Posted at : Wednesday, November 02, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anne Marie said...

Wonder why we only see the show pics, and nothing about Adam on his free time. I know he is busy with his 2 contestants, but I am sure they don't take up his evenings, when he usually hits the clubs with his friends, or when he goes shopping. Miss that part, it seems it's all part and package of Adam.

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie....Maybe after being on camera all day, Adam just wants some "time-off"... or maybe the paparazzi in Aus. aren't as invasive as they are in the U.S.

Also, a lot of Adam's "free time" photos are "selfies", and maybe he doesn't feel like taking them... or maybe he hasn't been partying as much as we think he has.

Or...Maybe I just haven't the foggiest idea! Haha.

Anne Marie said...

Or maybe a lot of people in the clubs don't know him, the papps don't go into the clubs. He, as a judge, is not allowing any friends or people he meets to take pictures, or at least asks them not to post them, he has an image to maintain. I am positive he doesn't just go home and watch TV. He is always up all night, as he says very often. Of course their is always another thought, he might have made a connection with some special person, if so, he knows how to stay away from all cameras, as he has proven.

Nanbert said...

Or...maybe ALL of the above.....or none! LOL

Anonymous said...

As long as Adam is enjoying himself & he's said is he, that's the main thing, and it's all well & good if the paps leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

^^Oops! Should read ".... & he's said he is'.