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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Saw a gorgeous show tonight! @ParamourBway is so glam and romantic! Great performances from @rubylewla @jeremykushnier #ParamourBway

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Posted at : Thursday, December 15, 2016

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Nanbert said...

Anyone know why he is in New York?

Anne Marie said...

I think this is part of his down time and chilling the hell out. He is enjoying the night life in NY. Adam never just sits in his room, he is always out and about.

Nanbert said...

Obviously he's enjoying the night life there... but he's got plenty of that at home, too....and the weather's better there. Haha. Of course, where else could he wear that devastatingly decadent black curly lamb coat of his? LOL.

I thought he might have some business in NYC that we should know about. He had said in a interview that he was heading home to rest.

Anonymous8 said...

I too believe that Adam is here for fun!

NYC night life differs very much from LA night life, especially so during the holiday season! NYC's energy, fashion, diversity, cutting trends, and the special brotherhood of theater people will always be alluring to Adam. An ideal stopover, cold weather and all, on his way back to LA..........and we do have a SoHo House for him.

LA is his physical home, but Adam has outgrown the culture there - he needs to travel and experience other places to feed his soul. I am sure he loves his beautifully created house, but after a while, he needs more.