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These are the 9 most liked pictures of @AdamLambert on Instagram!

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Sunday, December 4, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, December 04, 2016

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lollymop said...

NOOOOOO! Where's the arms and legs pic of him sitting on a weightlifting bench? That has to be in the top 9.

Nanbert said...

Lollypop... that was a good one, but there are dozens that I would prefer over most of those picked. I suspect that those that turned up on slow days were watched more than those seen on busier days.

The best way to really judge the "most liked" pictures of Adam is to have a poll. That would be a much more accurate way to judge that.

glitzylady said...

The Instagram photos in this particular collection are all from 2016.. The top 9 most "liked"..

The one you refer to (shirtless Adam :))) was from March 2015... Perhaps the #1 most liked of 2015...

It's definitely a GOOD one!!!!!

fluttsp said...

Best 3 of these for me are #1 & #3 on the 1st line & #3 on the 3rd line>>(channelling George Michael)

fluttsp said...

^^Oops! It's the #3 pic on the 2ND line that takes my fancy .... the one where Adam is channelling George Michael.

fluttsp said...

As well as #1 & #3 pics on the 1st line. :-))

Linda said...

Personally, I like the bottom left one. So serious and handsome!

Nanbert said...

Don't care much for the photo with Robbie Williams. Also don't feel that the number should be counted, because Robbie's fans would have weighed in on it also, which throws it out of "kilter" in relation to just Adam's photos.

Hey, Adam always looks gorgeous to me.. but there are just some photos that "hit me in the solar plexus" more than others!

Nanbert said...

BTW... I am confused by the current use of "channeling" as I see used a lot about Adam ... channeling Freddie Mercury.. channeling George Michael...channeling Elvis.

To me, that's kind of a put-down, although I know it's not meant to be, because it sounds like Adam is deliberately "copying" or "imitating" the person--- or envoking their spirit via a medium. It as if he is deliberately trying to make us think of him as another Freddie (by singing his songs), George Michael (by wearing leather and/or sunglasses) or Elvis (by any of the above).

In other words, IF Adam was actually "channeling" those people, he would be directing our attention to them in order to elicit a favorable comparison with him... Placing himself on their level, so to speak... which he is not doing, does not do.

But Adam DOESN'T CHANNEL....he is so much his own self, his own voice, his own talents ... HE'S ADAM LAMBERT!!! Incomparable!!

choons said...

These aren't my favourites - and my faves are too many to count!
such luxury.

fluttsp said...

@Nanbert ....WOAH!! Do you also call out people who think Adam channels Freddie Mercury and/or Elvis?!

FYI, I don't think Adam looks like George Michael but in photo #3 on line 2, there is a similarity in his bearded profile & pose, IMO.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, whether it agrees with others' opinions or not.

Nanbert said...

@fluttsp.... so sorry...did not mean to offend you or "call you out". I did say that "to me, that's kind of a put-down, ALTHOUGH I KNOW IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE".

Let me explain. I see the word "channeling" used very often about Adam when people probably mean resembling...a similarity...or reminding them of someone. Maybe the word is evolving, but my understanding of its definition is basically ... As a medium would channel a spirit... or... As one person would "copy or imitate" someone an impersonator.

As Adam NEVER copies, imitates or impersonates anyone, I feel that saying he is "channeling" implies that he IS doing that on purpose.... even though it is probably meant to be flattering by the person saying it, as the comparison is only made to a big celebrity... not to the guy down the street.

So, again, sorry if I seemed to insult you... completely unintentional. Only trying to discuss the use of the word "channeling" as it relates to Adam... which I see used by many ...with only the best of intentions... but with an incorrect definition.

"Channeling" does NOT mean similar, resembling, or reminding one of. It means purposely copying or imitating in this situation... and Adam doesn't do that.

O.K.? Friends?

glitzylady said...

Oh gosh, just a thought about the term "channeling" when it comes to Adam or anyone else who reminds someone of someone else in some way...

Urban dictionary uses the phrase: "to invoke the style or characteristics of another person".. It doesn't need to be intentional.. It can also mean the the look, the sound, the visual impact etc. of the person i.e. Adam (or anyone else for that matter) that may remind us of someone else: who he might resemble in some way i.e. remind us of either a lot or just a tiny bit.. at any given moment.. Because to be honest, he sometimes does resemble Elvis just a tiny bit, or George Michael in some ways, not just in a certain "look" but in style, gesture (singing or otherwise) occasionally. Even Brian May has said that Adam is a bit like Elvis at times in his style. And he means it in a good way!

Certainly channeling (in this context & meaning) can be done with specific intent or completely unintentionally. It's in the eye of the beholder.. I think Adam is all "Adam", he's that one in a billion guy that we love and adore and respect, but yes, occasionally he may remind us just for a moment of some of the other "greats" in music.. Someday we'll be hearing about younger singers "channeling" Adam Lambert!

Peace, love & rock & roll :))))))))

Nanbert said...

But, Glitzylady, in this phrase "Adam is channeling Elvis" , channeling is a verb, a deliberate action by Adam, same as "Adam is singing Trespassing".... HIS action, not the beholder"s.

If you want to use channeling to mean you think he resembles someone, you would have to say, "It looks like Adam is channeling Elvis... or "I think Adam is channeling Elvis"...or "Maybe Adam is channeling Elvis. In this case it is in the eye of the beholder, his/her opinion of how Adam resembles Elvis in some way.

The difference is between whether Adam is deliberately imitating Elvis... or if he appears, in the eye of the beholder, to resemble Elvis in some way.

I'm not finding fault with people seeing a resemblance between Adam and someone. I just find fault with one saying he is channeling someone ..a deliberate action, imitating, NOT unintentional on his a medium speaks as if he is channeling a departed spirit.

Rosemary White said...

My fav pics here are the ones where Adam has a fringe. I also like the one that reminds me of George Michael.

Elvis - Adam mimics Elvis's lip curl from time to time.