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Adam Lambert Liked 4 Photos on Instagram

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Posted at : Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Nanbert said...

URGENT!!!!! .. Just came back from voting for Adam in both "WORLD'S MOST HANDSOME MEN 2017" and "MOST HANDSOME AMERICAN MEN 2017" polls.... and made the most distressing discovery!

Both polls are on the same website, and I always vote for Adam in BOTH categories when I am there.

But the problem I found is that Adam has 982 votes in the Most Handsome American Man 2017 poll... which puts him first at the moment.

But Adam only has 545 votes in the World's Most Handsome Men 2017 poll... making him second by count (but not by location on the chart)

That means that many who are voting for Adam don't realize that they should be voting in BOTH polls... because then he would have 982 votes in EACH poll.

Therefore, if Adam had received those 982 votes in the World's poll he would be first there, too....because the current leader only has 936 votes!

Glamberts, please search out correctly EACH poll and vote for Adam in EACH category.. once per 24 hours... everyday. They are located at the same website.

2017 and Most Handsome American Man 2017..... and discovered a distressing problem

Nanbert said...

Sorry guys--- I just posted this same info in an earlier comment. Somehow I thought that the first one didn't "take" (I'm so bad at this stuff!).... so I wrote it all up again!