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Adam Lambert on Instagram: 💄

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Posted at : Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaoh...Wah, sooo comfortable sleeping in Daddys arms and getting a manicure at the same time.

Huh...huh who is that?

So you can hear me while sleeping.

Ya! It's so soothing, Daddy lulls me to sleep, like a lullaby.

I feel something being done to my paw nails. Don't know what they are doing? A bit cooling; let me take a peek. Oooh-la-la my paw nails have turned purple.


Hey, Pharaoh, you have gone back to sleep again?

I'm famished...Uncle Sauli took me for a brisk run down the Canyon. Uncle Sauli runs sooo fast!

Pharaoh, you know why...Uncle Sauli handles huskies and they run very fast across the pristine snow in Lapland.

Zzzzzzzz...Night night Lam-My...

This is a bit of heaven on earth, don't you think...Well, it goes to show heaven or hell is not somewhere in outer space lol!

Huh...huh...Night night Lam-My...wuf!

Okay, I won't disturb you anymore... 晚安 waarn arn / good night!
Hey! I like your purple nails! Very sexy.

Lam-My said...

Should be... exhausted not famished (above).