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Adam Lambert Tweeted: @LaLaLand: such a charming romance. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pay tribute to all the dreamers fighting to follow their passion.

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Posted at : Thursday, January 05, 2017

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Anne Marie said...

The story sounds like Adam and Sauli. They parted mainly because they each wanted to follow their careers, which happened to be in different countries. Just about impossible. Although they continued to see each other for several years when ever they could, week ends, even short vacations, until Sauli decided he wanted to be a personal trainer, which kept him busy with school and the gym daily, plus camera shoots and hosting different festivals, and TV shows. and Adam had a hugely busy 2016 too. They obviously still keep in touch, and I think will always be good friends.
Adam's priority is and probably always will be is to his career, which will always be hard to ever have a serious partner, not to say that he doesn't have friends with benefits, he doesn't live like a monk, I am sure.

Lam-My said...

There is still a thin ray of light shining through their relationship, but this sort of thing has to ripen by itself; reminds me of the durian, very thorny outside and takes its own sweet time to drop and if someone plucks it before due time, it just can't be eaten, tough and dry as opposed to the aromatic yellow pods inside the durian compartments; by the way, it's super protein! But unlike the durian, their relationship can still effloresce; if something springs out of the blue! Lately, this durian seems rather unwilling to drop. lol! By the way, one needs to carry an umbrella when venturing through a durian plantation; like I said, the thorny fruit can drop on your head during season. lwl!

Dee R Gee said...

Haven't seen LaLa Land yet, but I've heard from friends that it's charming. Will probably see it soon. We'll probably never know the inner motives of Adam and Sauli's breakup unless they choose to discuss it publicly. But I agree that it may have involved their careers and goals.