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Adam Lambert Tweeted: PIERS MORGAN: More Americans killed by kids with guns than terrorists

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Posted at : Sunday, January 29, 2017

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Lam-My said...

I view it as two entirely different problems! though they share the same outcome, killing of innocent people. So the comparison using numbers! between people killed by lax gun-control in America and those killed by terrorists, is not quite valid because their causes are different and solutions will be different; numbers not helpful.

The 9/11 catastrophe would have been avoided if Mr Trump's stringent immigration executive order was in place then; the chances of those terrorists entering the US would have been minimised considerably. I'm not saying his present ban on Muslims entering US from the stipulated countries is justified...because too many innocent people are punished.
Fine-tune this procedure which is justifiable because as The President, his topmost duty is to protect his country, though I'd emphasise not at the expense of innocent people. It's as good as languishing a 9/11 on them just as the 3000 innocent people suffered when the Twin Towers came roaring down; though no lives are lost due to the ban but the injustice and pain can be just as traumatic.
Final analysis: What Mr Trump is doing is not wrong...needs a lot of fine-tuning. Mostly his brain is engaged in the matter but not so much his heart.

Lam-My said...

Not languishing er... lashing.

Marielle Linthorst said...

People do lose their lives due to this ban. How do you fine-tune that?

Nanbert said...

This ban would NOT have changed the 9/11 disaster, because NONE of the terrorists involved back then came from ANY of the countries that are listed under the current ban!

Which makes the current ban particularly strange. If one is going to ban the countries that "terrorists come from", why not make them be the countries that terrorists HAVE COME FROM! No terrorists have come here from the countries suddenly under the current ban!

15 of the 19 9/11 highjackers came from Saudi Arabia, for example... plus Bin Laden. The other 4 came from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt and Lebanon. But NONE of those countries are on Trump's current"banned'lists ..... why? Completely illogical.

Because the whole thing had been done with no thought, no background information, planning and adjustment to avoid stranding passengers in airports around the world, or consideration of the amount of personal anguish and fear being visited on innocent immigrants who had already been granted asylum, or were legitimate green card holders, suddenly separated from their families.

Yes, many people will die because of Trump's insouciance! He has entered the Presidency like a "bull in a china shop". if his brain WAS engaged, instead of his ego, he would have made certain that all the possibilities had been covered before indulging himself in the pomp and circumstance of the public signings (surrounded by admiring staff and a crowd of press) of his "Presidential orders".

Forget about his heart...he has none. He has never held peoples lives in his hands. All he knows is how to build buildings, golf courses, and make lots of money...for himself.

He massive ego makes him certain he already knows everything he needs to know... has no intellectual not inclined to ask for ..or take..advice from anyone, and, in the end, the whole world will suffer for his ineptness and inability to "fine-tune"!

Lam-My said...

Yes, I do find the correlation between...terrorists linked to 9/11 and the stipulated countries ban, inconsistent. But I am also cautious not to condemn until I know all the facts and reasons. This is largely a Security issue, we will not know. My thoughts would be: the stipulated countries are at war or close to the war zones; they may have terrorists waiting for a 9/11 opportunity to strike again. Mr Trump and his Team are putting in place preemptive measures rather than wait for another catastrophe.
I am not saying this ban regarding the listed countries would have prevented 9/11; I'm saying if such-like stringent measures were in place, the chances would have been considerably minimised and thwarted. Those 9/11 terrorists were almost free to roam the skies and carried out their attack with deadly precision.
Now, Mr Trump is taking sound preemptive measures to keep his and your country safe but I also emphasize ! it must not be done at the expense of innocent people because that will backfire.