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Adam Lambert's snapchat 1/8/17 "REBEL REBEL"

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Posted at : Sunday, January 08, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Is this a test? If so, it's not likely to permanently shake up the die-hard Glamberts. On the other hand, it's not likely to attract many new ones, either!

Hope it's not going to be the "new " look.....but just a night's fun. Our "Glameleon" likes to keep us off balance...........and I am definitely off-balance right now!

Adam, lipstick should at least be worn with a clean-shaven face....not even a little "stubble" should be seen. Just saying.

Marielle Linthorst said...

I prefer the make-up over the beard. Always liked his androgyny.

glitzylady said...

Adam was attending a birthday celebration for David Bowie. His red lips were an homage/tribute to Mr. Bowie..

We know that David Bowie is one of Adam's idols/heroes.

Good for Adam for participating.. And sharing the photos etc..

We really need to appreciate that he shares with us.. Not criticize him..Because there are some comments on some of his Instagram photos that were not kind. There could come a time when we get very little from him. Even less than we do now..

Adam has the right to celebrate David Bowie in his own way..

Dee R Gee said...

The Adam I love is fearless and honest. I love his lipstick homage to Bowie. Unabashed and sincere. I don't think Adam is going to start wearing bright red lipstick all over the place. I'm not surprised that some Instagram followers couldn't handle it. For me, being a fan of Adam is a "big picture" experience, accepting the whole package, not just judging on one particular, short-term thing. The lipstick may come and go. But the whole Adam is still Adam.

Dee R Gee said...

And just gotta say, lipstick with a little stubble makes it all the more funky/glammy, IMO.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Whose life is it anyway? ADAM is sharing some very private & personal times in his life & all some people can do is 'criticize'?? We are his fans not his boss & I see no reason why we should feel 'entitled' to criticize his every move!! Remember what ADAM once said about people who say " NO NO NO" ... well ... a few more posts/comments like the ones he has been getting & ADAM is going to shut us out of his personal life for good!! I've always been a Glambert UNCONDITIONALLY & I'm not gonna start being a 'nebby nose' now!! Let him have fun ... he works hard enough to keep us happy & informed!! With or without makeup/lipstick the fact remains he is still ADAM!! JMHO

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Hey guys..... don't confuse PERSONAL OPINION with criticism. I am certainly one of Adam's strongest supporters from his first audition on AI. I vote hundreds of times in the polls he's entered..... including the World's Handsomest Man, and Handsomest American Man (because he IS). I am probably too long-winded in praise of his brilliant talent and showmanship... which is unequalled among today's artists.

Also, I LOVE his quirky, off-beat, honest, humorous personality..his kindness and likeability. I think of him almost as a friend, not just as a fan.

I simply just don't PERSONALLY fancy that bright red lipstick on him...JMHO. But I will defend to the death his right to wear it!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@Nanbert ... My post wasn't aimed at you ... sorry if it sounded that way!! I was referring to the ones in @glitzylady's post that are far from kind in their comments on IG. I don't have it ... don't like IG nor snapchat nor some other social medias either!! Just FB & Twitter & I'm not too crazy about FB. I know you are one of ADAM's true fans by your comments!! Keep voting Glam Sister ... one more day at Jingle Ball & they'll announce the winner!! As for the Most Beautifuls of 2017 ... looks like Turkey is voting for the one guy again like last year but he's def not MY idea of most handsome ... eww!! Looks like a Neanderthal ... IMO!! lol Peace Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Thanks Lambert Outlaw..... I really NEEDED that! I was beginning to feel a bit low.

Just to be on the safe side, we should keep voting on the Jingle Ball poll... but I just knocked off about 20 more, and Adam leads with 89% to date... and noon tomorrow is the shut-down date.! Hurray for OUR side! far! Almost "un fait accompli".

Humm... surely there are more GlAMBERTS worldwide with computers than Turks! Also, It would help A LOT if there would be a better photo of Adam than the current one. This one is only adequate...but there are many photos of him that would easily blow those other guys OUT OF THE WATER! Even Turks would be compelled to vote for him...LOL.

Anybody know how we can get a different/superior photo of Adam into that poll? Seriously!

Nanbert said...
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Marion M said...

@Dee R Gee: totally agree with you on this "big picture"...couldn't have said it better...I'm a fan of Adams for more than one reason to be put off by a bit of lipstick...