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Adam Lambert on Instagram: Red Lip Rebellion @davidbowie's Bday at @giorgiosdisco @terrancespencer #longliveglamrock

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Posted at : Sunday, January 08, 2017

A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on
A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on
A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

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Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Perfect hair, perfect lips, perfect eyes, perfect face, perfect man.

Lam-My said...

Hellooo Adam...What's with the chili-hot lipstick! Now you see why I thought you should have taken on the role of Dr Frank Furter.
If I have to choose, I'd take Grandma June anytime though she knocked me off just like these crimson ruby-red lips! I got a new film role for you, Adam, that will knock 007 off the cliff...Super Agent 008 sexy woman by night, suave man with dark glasses driving Lamborghini by day...uncovers a deadly opium gang in the Golden Triangle oooh-la-la.

Aha, Adam is wearing a spider brooch...perhaps inspired by my King Cicada poem. Actually a Cicada pin can be very beautiful, it has lacy wings but praying-mantis is still my favourite. When a praying-mantis stretches its forearms fully, its width span is twice the length of its body, very graceful like a ballet dancer.
Final analysis...don't like your ruby-red lips...much prefer the recent checkered shirt look with cap and bare lips. But I shall take every persona of Adam, lock stock barrel. lwl!

Lam-My said...

He was wearing the spider brooch in commemoration of late David Bowie's birthday. Spiders On Mars.