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Pop Dust: Adam Lambert's 10 Greatest Performances

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, January 16, 2017

Posted at : Monday, January 16, 2017

When Adam Lambert auditioned for the eighth season of "American Idol," the entire musical world shifted. Here came a guy with an extensive theater background more than capable of turning pop music into a living, breathing life force. Armed with one of the best voices of his generation, Lambert--then 27--stormed the stage with reckless abandon, unconcerned about being anything but true to himself. His performances were often flamboyant and spirited, as he flipped such classics as Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and U2's "One" into marvelous displays of creative genius.

To celebrate his career (and as we wait not-so-patiently for his next album), Popdust takes a look at some of his best performances of all time. Read on for our picks, and leave a comment below with your favorite Lambert moment.

10. "Trespassing" (2012 iHeartRadio Album Party)
9. "If I Had You" (2010 "The Oprah Show")
8. "There I Said It" (2016 concert in Shanghai on The Original High Tour)
7. "Stay," Rihanna Cover (2013 concert in Seoul, Korea)
6. "Outlaws of Love" (2012 Kidd Kraddick in the Morning)
5. "Whataya Want from Me" ("The Early Show," 2009)
4. "Sleepwalker" (2011 Glam Nation Live)
3. "Girl Crush," Little Big Town Cover featuring Leona Lewis (2015 "CMT Artists of the Year)
2. "Mad World" ("American Idol," 2009)
1. "Somebody to Love," with Queen (2015 Rock in Rio)


Adam Lambert's 10 Greatest Performances  

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The Dark Side said...

Great list. I would have swapped Shady and WWTLF for two on the list.

Nanbert said...

NICE! ... a great write-up for Adam, and listening feast of performances.

To tell the truth, I couldn't decide on the 10 Greatest Performances... although, I agree, The Dark Side, Who Wants To Live Forever" HAS to be in there.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I can't forget ADAM's debut performance with QUEEN at Rock in Rio ... Ghost Town ... with ADAM & Brian on guitar with that ROCK vibe!! Loved it then ... still do now ... and yes ... Who Wants to Live Forever as only ADAM could sing it in Las Vegas at iHeart Radio Fest ... they blew the roof off ... and let us not forget ... ADAM & QUEEN ... Dragon Attack with ADAM in his red feathered jacket 'sashaying' off the stage arm in arm with Brian!! Ten top performances just aren't enough for me to choose from ... the list is simply too endless to choose!! Let's just say ... they're ALL Superb & Unforgettable ... just like ADAM ..... IMO!!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

I have about a million (give or take) of favorite Adam Lambert performances. I mean I just cannot begin to rate them, make a top 10 list. Mind boggling to be honest.. And it would take me a year to sort them out. But....

One of my absolute personal favorites is Adam's performance of "Beth" (his intro to KISS and the second song "Rock & Roll All Night") on the American Idol Season 8 Finale. It was such a stellar moment.. When Adam was up there on stage, obviously people adored him.. and he was being totally himself with his cage/wings, his glitter on his eyes, his tall boots, etc.. his totally "Glam" look.. I remember shedding a few tears of happiness (and pride) for him at that moment.. It was clear to me and to the majority of people in the audience and those watching from home that they were seeing a true star that night.. And the true winner......

LINK to watch:

Nanbert said...

Oh My!....Glitzylady, I was just reminiscing too yesterday about Adam singing his breath-taking version of "Beth" on the American Idol finale--- and how HAPPY he was... his face euphoric while he sang. He was in his element! One of MY favorite moments, too.

Anonymous said...

Adam's greatest performances .......... there are many, many, many of them ad infinitum.

His performance of Sleepwalker in Brisbane (Australia) in 2010 was absolutely outstanding - best I've seen to date. Then there are his many simply superb performances of Soaked, & the Time For Miracles video .... the list goes on & on - too numerous to mention here.