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Sauli & Pharaoh in the gym! Jan 20 via @sjg66

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Friday, January 20, 2017

Posted at : Friday, January 20, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


The Dark Side said...

Pharaoh watching Uncle Sauli.

Lam-My said...

Pharaoh, watching Sauli on the treadmill is so 'human' like Pharaoh is waiting his turn. Sauli is paying a courtesy call or more than that?...never-ending love story.

I like Adam's animal snapchats and I actually wrote a number of animal stories evoked by his animals. When I read them back, I laugh at what rolled out of my neurons.

Some examples:
1) Lily White Snake, Glampire's secret admirer, waits for his carriage to wind up the Dracula mansion.

2) Praying-mantis, kung-fu...Saul was captured and Bert rescued him using flying kung-fu.

3) Chewy, lost and found in Ghost Town...this story kind of materialised as I heard that Pharaoh is a chihuahua hybrid; his eyes and big ears testify to that; adopted by Adam from a shelter...just like Bert found his lost Chewy chihuahua in my story.

4) I also have 2 turtle stories, Tammy the turtle...involving Bert and Saul.

5) Oh a recent one, this rabbit who tries to sing until his throat almost jumps out but no sound, to imitate Adam singing 'I put a spell on you'. Love that rabbit; no story.

6) Ah I think my first space story was Tarantula on Mars, inspired by 'Spiders from Mars' that I heard Adam mention on the 'Starchild' video.

7) Koi Time Warp story that involved Bert and Saul.

8) Duel with a leopard...Psychobert.

The latest snapchat...'L-a-a-a-m-bert...' is weird; Mmm not sure if I can squeeze out a story about a lamb or a lamb and Bert and Saul. lol!

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Hi there Pharaoh! Are you waiting for Uncle Sauli to get off the treadmill? You want to have a go at it?

Hi Lam-My! Yea, I'm trying to figure out how to walk on a moving machine; a bit dangerous, don't you think?

Well, I think Uncle Sauli would be able to adjust the speed to suit your pace; he's a fitness instructor. By the way, Uncle Sauli can do hand-stands with his feet up in the air; he's very strong.

Wah, feet up in the feet are too small and my leg bones too thin. Not sure if I can do a paw stand.

Actually, for you, it would benefit more if you just run around the Runyon; more fresh air and can meet other doggies.

Yea, I enjoy that a lot. The other day, I rescued a puppy trapped in a burrow.
Daddy called me a hero! What is that?

It means you are very brave and alert too.

I still want to try running on the treadmill...I see Uncle Sauli enjoying it so much. I hope he teaches me how to do that. I can do simple tricks or run errands like fetching Daddy's slippers when he returns after a hard day's work or bring him the newspapers. But his favourite relaxation is lie with me and stroke my head. So soothing Mmmm...

Bow-wow! 再见 !... jai jian...拜拜 ! bai bai

Pharaoh, you learn very fast! Now you can even bow-wow in Mandarin. lol!

Shelagh said...

Awh Pharaoh obviously knows a beautiful soul when he meets one, and Sauli is definitely one, Pharaoh totally trusts Sauli yet has just met him, dogs certainly have an incredible intuition who they can love and trust, love be wring this pic ❤️️