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Adam Lambert's SnapChat VIDEO (2-14-17) "GOOD MORNING NYC"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Adam Lambert's SnapChat VIDEO (2-14-17) 


(posted on You Tube by @adamlambert_pic)

Screen cap from Adam Lambert's Snap Chat VIDEO "GOOD MORNING NYC"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anne Marie said...

If Adam is in NY for Blonds fashion show, I hope he doesn't buy all the shorts outfits for the QAL tour. It is highly possible since the tour is in the summer.

Nanbert said...

Oooooh Noooooo! I've been wringing my hands about that ever since QAL announced their tour here.

And I was just enjoying some of the videos from their earlier N. American tour!...especially those black leather pants and those fringed sleeves Adam wore. Gorgeous!!

Oh my, now I've got something to worry about besides politics!.....Skorts, Shorts, Droopy crotches, hair shaved off sides of head..........oooooh noooo!

Spain said...

Jajajaja...don't worry!! Seguro que con lo que se ponga va guapiiisimo!!

Nanbert said...


Rosemary White said...

Why worry about Adam's hair and what he's going to wear? Adam will do exactly what he wants with both his hair and his clothes.

Nanbert said...

Why not? Adam does not live in a vacuum. Nor has he reached the level he has without the multitude of fans (including me) who have supported him through thick and thin. And, although I agree he does what he wants to a large extent, I cannot help but feel that he also "tests the wind", and does wish to please his audience/fans.. within reason.

The point is that if we (fans) make known our likes/dislikes, it cannot help but reach Adam eventually through his staff, friends, on the internet, in articles, etc., etc. Then, he has some additional criteria to make decisions with regarding his costumes/appearance.

What he needs from helpful fans is honest input. Saying nothing may not serve him well. In any case, it is still his choice on how, or if, he uses it.

Rosemary White said...

I think there are people who stress too much about how Adam's hair looks or what they think of his outfits or indeed, his general appearance. If a zillion people told him they didn't like something about his appearance or clothes, he might take notice of what they have to say, but Adam is Adam, he's a pop/rock singer and I respect the choices he makes, whether I like them or not.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White.... I've always respected the choices he makes. If I didn't, I would not have been an devoted fan since his first appearance on AI. I am not that shallow. It is his voice that captured me first...and it is the man that bound me tight.

But...surprise(!)..that does not preclude me (or you) from having an opinion. My concerns are not so much for his present fans (you and me) but for those possible future fans... and first visual impressions ARE important.

At his best, Adam is the most stunning male entertainer on the planet...visually and vocally. But "visually" is what brings them in the door..."vocally" is what keeps them there.. that's true for ALL age groups!

Rosemary White said...

To me, emphasis on the visual is rather shallow. Vocally is what "brings me to the door", not visually. I don't care how attractive a singer is, I'm not interested if his/her voice doesn't appeal to me. My prime interest in Adam is his voice, not his physicality nor what he chooses to wear. A singer doesn't need to be physically attractive to be highly successful.

Nanbert said...

Then, you are rather unique on this website, considering all the comments that are made here about how handsome he is, how charming, how entertaining, his hair, makeup, clothing, etc. etc.

And that's fine for you if your "prime interest in Adam is his voice"... but that doesn't make the rest of us "shallow"..just because we are interested in many/all aspects of Adam.

Adam is a TOTAL package, IMO... voice, looks, showmanship, personality, style, likeability, acting talent, charm, hair style, clothing, etc. etc. This is a website about him...we are his fans...we love him ..and we like to discuss EVERYTHING about him.

I don't think that makes us "shallow"... that just makes us FANS.