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Fan Art! Adam Lambert 5th Anniversary "Better Than I Know Myself" By creativesharka

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Posted at : Sunday, February 05, 2017

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Lam-My said...

I recall being rather intrigued by the BTIKM video and explained its underlying connotations; such as the duality of the the two personas of Adam, one calm, the other aggressive or dark vs light; also the knight chess piece as in the black vs white knight on the chessboard; the sabre-tooth skull caught my attention too and on hindsight, I think Adam was pretty much into vampires and subsequently adorned vampire teeth for one Halloween, which lo and behold prompted my Glampire/Dracula stories.
Of all the videos Adam choreographed with professional help, BTIKM seems to delve a lot into details and elements such as smoke/air, fire, water, blood, heart, earth, wood, metal; encompassing all the yin yang elements of the universe...yin yang constitutes opposing forces to each other yet can't do without each other; come to think of it, that's the central theme of BTIKM.
The last scene shows Adam walking out of the confusion, confident...rather appropriate in retrospect of his ups and downs and he emerges unscathed. Perhaps now he may say he knows himself better than what others do.
Finally, always back to Adam's vocals/singing/music because that's what it's really about.

Lam-My said...

Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself - YouTube

Anonymous said...

Adam's "Better Than I Know Myself" video is one of my fave music videos EVER - Adam the actor! I also LOVE the song.