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New Photos! Adam Lambert on Access Hollywood Today 2-3-17

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Posted at : Friday, February 03, 2017

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Lam-My said...

Nice hairstyle, fringe makes him look groovy and youngish. The interview didn't delve too much into details on Queen and Adam nor their upcoming tour so he was there for... not sure lol!

The James Corden show gave Adam complete coverage; ingenious, incorporating comedy into Queen songs which are largely glam rock. Adam is a pro on stage, like when he kept nudging for an admission of defeat: 'Okay, say it, say it...' James, very good actor. The part where he sang 'Don't stop me now...' and Adam barged in: Stop! Stop!...that's a funny play on a situation of words. James refuted: 'I said: Don't stop me now! ...Listen! lol! Very fierce singing by Adam especially toooooh... this time he even shook his body.

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaoh...did you watch the interview? Daddy spoke so endearingly about you; he said you were so lovable and all you want is some attention and food! Wah, you must be getting some real home-cooked meals by your Daddy and by the way, Uncle Sauli is a good cook.

Hi Lam-My...Yea, I watched the interview and felt so proud when he explained my name...that I sit so majestically like a sphinx.

I didn't know that was why he named you Pharaoh. Well, he could have named you Sphinx in that case. I guess Sphinx is a more subdued sound and may be difficult to get your attention. I actually like the name Sphinx because it's a mythical animal, half lion half human; and you are an animal but your mannerisms are human-like. Oh, I also heard that your full name is Pharaoh Phox. That fits you because you look foxy! lwl!

Have you heard your Daddy crow like a rooster?

Sometimes when I get up in the early hours of the morning, I hear this but I think it's from a real cock nearby.

Actually, your Daddy struts like a cock on the walk. lol!

Cheerio! 谢谢 ! sie sie ... 再见 ! jai jian

Rosemary White said...

Great pics.

Rosemary White said...

Adam was asked if he has a nickname for Pharaoh and I gather Phox is the nickname he uses sometimes for Pharaoh.

Dee R Gee said...

Kind of a cool play on FOX.

choons said...

Pharaoh Phoxett ... if he had more hair.