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Pink News UK: Adam Lambert finally answers rumours he and Sam Smith are dating

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Friday, February 17, 2017

Posted at : Friday, February 17, 2017

 Adam Lambert has finally addressed rumours he and Sam Smith are dating.
Speculation has been following the pair for a while now, but there’s been no comment.

Back on a visit to London, the pair looked cosy, posing for a selfie on the back of a rickshaw.
Now he’s answered the rumours – and seemed surprised at what people were thinking.
Appearing on Andy Cohen’s chat show, one caller asked if the rumours were true.
Lambert said: “I love that rumour actually because when I heard it and I texted him, going… So?
“He’s such a nice guy, he’s so funny and… no.”


Adam Lambert finally answers rumours he and Sam Smith are dating

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glitzylady said...

Adam has answered those rumors several times already in various interviews. It would be nice if that eventually becomes old news. But again, it does keep him IN the news so guessing all in all it's okay.. 😊

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

He couldn't have been clearer on the Andy Cohen Show last night!! Yes they are friends ... Yes ADAM has a great deal of respect for Sam ... Yes they were out in London hitting the clubs in the wee hours of the morning ... wasted ... but .. NO ... they are not in a romantic relationship!! That's how I heard it from ADAM!! So ... until I hear it further from ADAM ... that's good enough for me!! ADAM said they were riding in a rickshaw from one club to another & they had a blast!! Glad to hear ADAM is taking some down time for himself ... he'll be busy soon enough with all the future news of working on a new album + working in the studio with Nile Rogers + his upcoming QAL NA tour!! Poor Pharaoh is gonna miss daddy when ADAM is on tour!! Hope he doesn't get too lonesome!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

fluttsp said...

I agree, glitzylady .... this is OLD news but, like a dog with a bone, the media continue to gnaw at some morsel of bygone information relentlessly!

Dee R Gee said...

I agree that if little harmless stories like this keep him I'm the news, that's a good thing.

NickAckley said...

i always nu they were fucking ;-)

Nanbert said...

Nick....tsk, tsk!... watch your language!

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

When will they stop people to be more interested in his personal life.At all shows him the same questions about american idol, Freddie shoes and gay life. Adam is the best singer in this time and this should interest primarily.

Marielle Linthorst said...

I agree. I'll be happy never to hear about Freddie's big shoes and American Idol again. Gay life maybe not, he is an important role model.

Allysa Mentor said...

Wow Nick,, language please. Thx :)) would love to see them collaborate on something