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Adam Lambert on Instagram: Lookin forward to be back on tour w QUEEN this summer!!! @queenadamlambert !!!

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Posted at : Monday, March 13, 2017

A post shared by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

A post shared by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

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Mirela Gheorghiu said...

We can not wait to see you !!! For me it is a bit far (live on another continent), but I hope to see many posts on YouTube.

Nanbert said...

Now... if those black shiny pants (wow!) in the bottom picture had been combined with the black robe and tunic top on the top picture.... it would have been smashing!

But I fervently pray that Adam won't wear that skirt, skort, dropped-crotch, drapey pants-thing (see top photo)anymore in concert...or public. Comfortable...maybe, but SO unattractive and unflattering!

Can't wait for this summer tickets... getting excited!

Dee R Gee said...

Got my Chicago QAL tickets tucked away in a very safe place!

Nanbert said...

Adam looked so prime/alpha in that studded black leather outfit shown in the bottom photo above. Who else could carry that outfit off like that?

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I think that Adam prepares us VERY HOT SUMMER!

Kath said...

2015 the crown had white stones. 2016 blue stones were added. What will 2017 bring?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

My 4 y.o. great grandson makes the same face as ADAM in the top photo when he is serious about something or if something is disagreeable to him!! He's a ginger too BTW!! Two of my cutie Loves!!

As for the crown .. I suggest rubies this time ... then emeralds on another tour!! A real crown for the King Of QUEEN!! I don't care what ADAM wears so long as I can see 'lotsa' videos of the tour!! PLEASE!! Can't wait!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

YES, YES ....lotsa lifeline! I watch them every night... last thing before bed... takes me away from whatever "now" I am in and releases tension.