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Adam Lambert on Instagram: Vocals Cut w @ferras @sarahhudsonxx & @bigtastexxl.... Pharaoh acted as studio spirit guide and historian!

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Posted at : Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Lam-My said...

Ooooh-la-la! That means Adam has got a brand new song, snugly tugged up his sleeve. Both Adam and Pharaoh look tired; especially Pharaoh, even his taut antenna ears are droopy; may be he missed his Daddy's springy bed.

Helloo Pharaoh! You look a bit fatigued; how was the going in the studio.

I rested whole time on my Daddy's lap as he went about composing the new song with the help of Uncle Ferras and Aunty Sarah.

Hey Pharaoh, do you like the new song?'s the most beautiful sound that ever funneled into my antenna ears.

Wah, Phahraoh, do you know, you are the first to hear wonder, you look really down and out; must have been a long long night perhaps into the early morning hours.
Well, your Daddy always gives his all; perfection is a very demanding thing, almost an addiction, the brain just won't let go until it gets exactly what it wants.

I heard you were the historian? Let's see so the song required some digging into the past...Egyptian goddess of love or pharaoh or sphinx.

Pharaoh! Are you still awake...

Zzzzzzz ... Ooooeeee ... Zzzzzzz

Okay Pharaoh...Lullaby say goodnight neath the silvery light...Asleep in the dew, they hide from our view...When the dawn peepeth through, God will wake them and you...When the dawn peepeth through, God will wake them and you...

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Pharaoh may have recorded something ? Adam can make a duet with him ha! ha! I wonder if Adam takes the Pharaoh on tour this summer?

Shelagh said...

I hope he does as only internal flights and he'll be no doubt travelling in luxury with Brian and Roger 👍

Nanbert said...

Touring sounds like a pretty miserable life for a dog -- constantly confined in small spaces, little opportunity for exercise, rare opportunities to be taken outside when needed, and constantly being in new,unfamiliar and stressful situations.

What some may consider "luxury"(private jet?- expensive hotels? four-star restaurants?)) for people, would unfortunately mean nothing to a dog.

A tour bus (if that's what they'll use) would be better, but still, can you see Adam having to take Pharaoh out for a potty-stop in the midst of crowds of fans/autograph seekers?

Last, Adam would constantly be distracted and stressed by the need to accomodate/care for Pharoah under those circumstances. Anyone who has travelled with a dog knows what I mean.