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Awesome Pic of the Day! Queen and Adam Lambert @ Chicago 2016 via rockgirl.71 Instagram

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Posted at : Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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Nanbert said...

O-o-o-h, Those fantastic gold-studded, gold-fringed sleeves! I loved seeing Adam spinning around with them flying about a flame on stage. They were just so Adam. Who else could wear them like that?

I would LOVE to see him wear them again on this tour.....please, Adam!

Dee R Gee said...

I was at this show in Chicago! Our seats were not good, but this July our seats are much better! Can't wait!

lollymop said...

DRG, This will be my first Queen concert. I have tickets for the second row in the first balcony in the seating section by the stage. I think this will suit me just fine. Fingers crossed.

Dee R Gee said...

I'll be on the main floor, kind of in the middle. Hoping for a good straight-on view. And I hope to get REALLY excited fans all around me. For the last concert, we sat in kind of a dead zone. Nobody really flailing. Just me. LOL