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Vote Adam Lambert @ Poll: Vote For The Most Anticipated Tour of 2017!

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adam Lambert announced earlier today (January 26) that he’d be hitting the road with Queen this summer on a 25 city tour across the United States. That got us thinking — which (confirmed!) 2017 pop tour deserves the title of Most Anticipated of the Year?

 Not only are Adam Lambert and Queen heading out together this year, but Celine Dion recently announced a forthcoming summer tour across Europe and the UK beginning on June 15.

Link to vote:

Vote For The Most Anticipated Tour of 2017 

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS 


Lam-My said...

Happy Birthday Sauli! Miss you a bit here on 24/7.
So will you be joining Adam this upcoming most anticipated 2017 tour, like you did on other QAL tours; Maestro Brian and Roger will gladly have you on their jet-plane. They like you a lot as seen on some jet-plane photos. Brian and Roger are so welcoming and open-minded with lots of resources and expert know-how at their finger-tips...just snap their fingers and walalh done!

Sauli is 32
He always knows what to do
He says love is forever
That's rather conditional
But Sauli is a believer
And so he has not completely
Let go of his lover
How about taking a chance
To strengthen your love for Adam
He seems quite bent on you
Still searching for true love
Well, lately, he got Pharaoh
Whom he is sooo attached to
And Pharaoh takes to you
Like fish to water
Sauli, you want your freedom
That too must be about Adam

Lam-My said...

Ad infinitum...

Mmm, the above timeslot seems to suggest ad infinitum... 7:19 (8).

Kindred said...

Hi Lam-My! Thank you for your stories and your thoughts of Sauli. I still love to follow, what Sauli is doing but he is not so active on social media anymore like he used to a couple of years back. Adam has his creative work going on and I'm glad he is able to do music, maybe more "to himself" now. Can't wait how it all will sound, it is exciting:)))!
I've taken a pause to be more with family, since last year I realised I can lose my dearest, when I least expect it. Still I visit this site to read the latest news of Adam, especially if I know something Sauli-related has happened. They both are special stars that have brought so much joy to my life and apparently they are still very close to each other. That is really special to me for I think at the end there is nothing more precious than having a loving friend. Pets are important too with their unconditional love for us. No wonder Adam and Sauli both have dogs as pets!:)))
Have a good time in Adam-landia, be healthy and let your poems continue to express all things Adam:))). Kindred

Lam-My said...

What a beautiful Hi! from Finland way up north...Helloo Kindred!
I was half expecting you to drop in. You sound like a really caring person. As for Sauli and Adam, I think their embers are still burning and sometimes spark. If only Sauli has a good job in LA or start a business there, that might give them a much better chance of hitching up. Dr Brian and Roger are like matchmakers lwl! ferrying the two lovebirds during their concert tours.
All the best to your family and do drop in whenever you are inclined to...Thanks for reading my poems and stories. Moi! Kiitos!