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Adam Lambert mention via Daily Mail: As American Idol returns to our TV screens, what happened to its previous contestants?

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Posted at : Thursday, May 11, 2017


In the 15 years American Idol was on air, it propelled the careers of countless talented musicians into the mainstream.
For many unlucky others, however, it was the heartbreak of a lifetime as millions of viewers across the nation watched as the hopeful stars had their dreams crushed by the panel of famous judges each week. 
After being cancelled from Fox in 2016, ABC announced this week that it would be reviving its own reboot of Idol, though the details have so far been shrouded in mystery.
From international superstars to viral internet sensations - Idol was host to some of the most memorable characters on television history, who have stayed busy in their years since the show.

Adam Lambert: The punk rocker who now tours with Queen

The punk-rock runner up on season eight of Idol had tried for some time to launch a music career before the show.

During the season finale in 2009, he was joined on stage by Queen to perform We Are the Champions.

In 2014, he joined Queen again on stage for a world tour, and this year, at 35, he plans to join the band on tour again in the UK and Ireland.


Adam Lambert mention via Daily Mail: As American Idol returns to our TV screens, what happened to its previous contestants? 

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glitzylady said...

The only comment I can add here is that Adam was never a "punk rock" performer.. He has been described as a "glam rocker", something rather different than punk rock.. And of course we know he'll be touring the US, Canada, & Europe this year, as well as the UK & Ireland.. But since this article originated in the UK, we'll allow the narrower focus. And of course he's done a whole lot more since 2009... :)

Dee R Gee said...

I thought that was pretty odd, too. Adam's never been a punk rocker. But as you say, glitzy, we'll forgive the UK press for using that label. Adam has a full year ahead of him. Loved that recent radio interview. Sounds like new music IS in the works; it's just a matter of when. Still holding out hope that AI might include him, but I think the only AI alum they will include in Kelly.

glitzylady said...

Kelly Clarkson was just announced as a judge on The Voice on Season 14, airing in Spring 2018, which precludes her as an Idol judge for the Spring 2018 debut of the new American Idol. Jennifer Hudson will be a judge on The Voice this fall (Season 13). It is certainly possible that Adam may by approached to be a judge next year on Idol. Anything is possible at this point.

Dee R Gee said...

I just heard that, too. That certainly changes everything. There could be a slot for Adam on Idol. Whoever the judges are, there will be strong competition between these two shows. The judges will be high-profile. They'll all get big media exposure. Hope Adam gets his share of it. Hope we don't have to wait too long find out what Idol has decided.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I'd rather Adam next year have a fourth-album tour or take out some music with Brian and Roger than be a judge of the American idol. I do not think the American idol will have a lot of audiences after this comeback. Adam is still young and has a lot to say in the music industry. Being a judge on a show I think it's a job for those whose career has gone.

Marielle Linthorst said...

I don't think Kelly Clarkson's career has gone, but I agree with your point. If I had my wish, he would just be touring and recording. Nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Adam was a judge on last year's X Factor Australia & his career hasn't gone. Similarly, Keith Urban who's been a judge on American Idol .... his career hasn't gone either .... plus Jennifer Lopez continues in acting roles as well as singing .... & Simon Cowell's career certainly hasn't gone.

Artemis said...

Since when was Adam EVER a punk rocker? Glam rocker...yes. The next Sid Vicious? Absolutely not. Who writes these headlines?