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Birmingham Mail: Queen + Adam Lambert announce extra Birmingham date

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, May 8, 2017

Posted at : Monday, May 08, 2017

Queen + Adam Lambert will be bringing their hit show to Birmingham.

The UK and Ireland tour will see them perform at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham on 30 November and 16 December.
Just weeks after announcing a 26-date summer tour of North America, Queen and Adam Lambert revealed 24 European dates.
The tour will showcase a spectacular new stage production and a set list, which the band hints will provide some surprises.
These shows will mark the band’s first full British tour in almost three years, having last performed across the UK in January 2015 when they played 10 sold out shows.


Queen + Adam Lambert announce extra Birmingham date 

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The Dark Side said...

So cool how the International Community embracing Adam with Queen. Rock on!

Nanbert said...

Yes! QAL is unequalled!...anywhere. It took a lot of courage for Adam to initially step into those "big shoes"..... but it quickly became quite obvious he stepped into "perfection"! What an amazing collaberation QAL has become!

Where else could Adam find a forum, outside of Queen, where he could "unfurl" his many colors and layers....thanks to Brian's and Roger's acceptance and encouragement?

And where else could Adam have the freedom to hone his skills as a world-class singer/entertainer par excellence without the "gravitas" provided by Queen...and the precedence of Freddie Mercury?

Long live QAL! In a class by themselves! I LOVE them!

CT said...

So well said Nanbert! I'm in Los Angeles and will be seeing them at the historic Hollywood Bowl both nights! I cannot wait to see them again. I've seen QAL 4 times already and Adam's solo tours (cough cough) I've stopped counting'! My family rolls their eyes at me but slowly have come to appreciate Adam over the years and I couldn't be happier! (from my 12 and 17 year old granddaughters, my 40's something nieces and nephews and my older sister (75). They always ask me for Adam updates at every family gathering, it's so gratifying :)))

Adam is definitely one of a kind that I consider a true gift to have known and appreciated him in my lifetime.

Marion M said...

I do think QAL is a special match (from what I witnessed on youtube) and I'm more that excited to get to see them live on November 2nd
here is a interview of the head of Adams management DMG(as I understand) at 2:51 he starts talking about Adam...

As Adams success has been object to a lot of discussion I've grown tired of it and repeating things already said but here are some new thoughts on it from my side:
In the interview the guy mentions tv-interest in Adam and several broadway offers, so so much for his "dead" solo career...
also I just don't think it is fair to judge Adams solo career, while he is still splitting his time with Queen...jmho
yes one can treat the Queen gig as earned one time and now a easy/given choice...but was Queen+Paul Rogers successful? I do think that Queens current live success is a big part due to Adam and of course their simply stunning/timeless/classic (and so on) music catalog...If Queen fans didn't like Adam they would maybe give him a chance once, check him out but not come around for a second or third tour...I feel that Adam in a way has to earn every tour they get to do, that they are able to sell out, again and again...

Nanbert said...

Marion M... Thanks for the link to the interview with the head of Adam's management. It was very interesting. Boy, did they pick a winner! I bet they're patting themselves on the back!

I remember Adam mentioning his management... he seems to have a great deal of confidence in nice for everyone involved. He deserves "good people", as he described them.

From the above mentioned interview, I gleaned the sense that they are basically interested in talent that is capable of being world-wide....that's certainly Adam.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I found this fantastic video of ADAM singing Evil in the Night on Ytube made by a fan .. check it out!! I keep watching it over & over .... It's GREAT!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Thanks for the link, Lambert Outlaw....I really enjoyed that video, too. Very clever of the person who edited the video.... keeping the song continuity while showing Adam performing it at different times. Splendid!