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Adam Lambert @ GLAMOUR AWARDS 2017: All the red carpet action

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Posted at : Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The GLAMOUR Awards is the biggest night of the year in our calendar! Swipe down to see all of the action from the red carpet; the incredible dresses, the designer suits and the A-list stars who've jetted in for one night only.
Be sure to go over to our Instagram - @glamouruk - and watch our Insta stories before they time out!

LINK: Adam Lambert @ GLAMOUR AWARDS 2017: All the red carpet action 

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Mi Re La said...

Alesha Dixon and Adam Lambert present Jennifer Hudson with the trailblazer award at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2017
Adam is very sweet/

Nanbert said...

An aside.......I wish Adam would put his hands...or at least his pockets, bend a knee a bit more, and look more relaxed and at ease in his red carpet photos. He usually stands fairly squarely, with his arms straight down at his sides, with makes him look uncomfortable and a bit stiff.

Adam is a very graceful man... and has exquisite relaxed posture...which is not being well displayed in his habitual "red carpet" poses, IMO.

Unknown said...

Isn't putting your hand in your pocket supposed to be rude? We were never allowed to do so when meeting someone.

Nanbert said...

Marielle... good question... but doesn't really apply to Adam in THIS situation, since he is not "MEETING" anyone, but simply posing for photos in a red carpet line. I was just wishing he could assume a more "relaxed" and natural appearance for his photos.

However, having lived overseas in different countries for many years, I have become aware of how much cultural mores differ from country to country.... especially as related to hands...which actually dates way back to displaying them to show that they do not contain weapons.

But you are quite right, in many countries it is still considered rude to shake hands with one hand while the other is in your pocket--- and to stand and converse with someone with one or both hands in your pockets. But that caveat is not commonly observed in the U.S.

It was amusing sometimes, to try to avoid displaying bad manners when in other cultures. On occasion, while strictly observing proper U.S. table manners in Belgium, I discovered myself in conflict with THEIR rules, by keeping one or both hands in my lap at the table when they were not in use..... considered bad manners in Belgium, which required that both hands be resting on the table at All times (hands, not elbows)! Just one of the many pitfalls I "fell into! I won't even discuss the differences in the use of knives and forks!

But your observation above made me consider that Adam might have been instructed by his management to pose with his hands at his possibly avoid offending any non-Americans.

However, I have noticed that many male American celebrities DO pose with one or both hands in their pockets on red carpets in the U.S....looking more relaxed and comfortable, IMO.