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Hardyzine Instagram Photoshoot includes @Adam Lambert

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, June 5, 2017

Posted at : Monday, June 05, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

A couple of days back, I commented on the use of 'queer' for and by LGBT people as *self-deprecating. I just heard *self-deprecating being used in a discussion on the Jon Lemon Show today June 5...on the 'n' word as being *self-deprecating.

I got some fans on CNN; oh, also on Fox...I hear words I used quite often on their news/discussions; may be coincidental,yes, but when it happens at close date proximity and often, well, it may not be.


I just heard Thomas (writer/reporter) being interviewed by John Vause/CNN News June 5 today and Thomas was commenting on Theresa May's "forlorn campaign"...rather unique combination, and so it caught my attention.

Well, my use at the Adam Salon: "Helloo look a little *forlorn..." ( yesterday June 4 ).

Adam has given a face, a voice, a body to LGBT people in a truthful, non-pretentious way, at home and abroad. Actually, I was also won over by Adam on Idol. My initial reaction was I would not follow him anymore when pictures of his homosexuality surfaced. As it turned out, I never managed to do that. lwl!

Nanbert said...

Well....I have to agree that it IS silly to cover women's nipples if everything up to them is already exposed.... to just cover those "dots" in the center is kind of like "closing the barn door after the horse is gone"! It's SO funny!!! Anything goes...but for God's sake, cover those nipples! WEIRD!

Nanbert said...

FYI: My comment above was related to the remark underneath the photo at the top of this thread explaining the covering of the nipples therein.

Lam-My said...

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the handsomest of them all
Adam for sure
But that alone wouldn't have won the day
I always look at things from the inside
He ain't no pseudo...honest to a fault
Sometimes to his own detriment
But he has learnt the hard way
Striking out to steer LGBT
Giving them a face, a voice, a hallmark
Like a ray of light in the dark
He provides the spirit, the spark
To hit the ball out of the ballpark lwl!

Lam-My said...

Should be... Don Lemon.

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