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Queen Official Facebook: A real highlight of the last US Tour... Tickets for all North American dates @

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Posted at : Friday, June 09, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Oh my... That "Love Kills" is such a showpiece for Adam's voice! When he sang it on tour, it was usually followed by "Who Wants To Live Forever".....a double whammy.... absolutely thrilling, breathtaking!

I would love to see it back on their tour, but QAL stopped playing it on their N.A. tour after Queen's newest album was released with the Freddie Mercury "disco" version of "Love Kills" on it.

I guess Queen was using it on tour to promote that album. But what a loss for us!

Nanbert said...

BTW....This performance was broadcast from the iHeart Theatre BEFORE the start of QAL's first North American tour.... sort of an appetizer, to advertize the tour, with an abbreviated set list.
Adam was not in costume, just a tux. Nor was there any of the Queen staging and lighting included for this performance. It was very "stripped" down... just that magnificent music.

I was so sorry that Queen pulled "Love Kills" from the tour after the album they were advertising was released to the public. Perhaps they didn't want comparisons made between Freddie's version and Adam's, IDK.

Wish they'd bring it back again for this tour!