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Adam Lambert Liked Sauli Koskinen IG Pic: #veniceitaly 🇮🇹 @mrtravelfi 🛶

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Posted at : Saturday, July 08, 2017

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Dee R Gee said...

Cute as ever. Wonder if he will meet up with Adam on the European part of the QAL tour? They'll be in Helsinki on November 19. But then, Sauli doesn't seem to mind traveling in order to meet up with Adam.

Lam-My said...

Hellooo Sauli
Long time no is the going?
How about rendezvous on a steamy Queen plane
Don't know when they'll be back again
I see you are wearing Adam's favourite earring
You look rather handsome
If you both get back together
I could dish out another convoluted love story
Remember Saul rescues Bert lost in the snow...
Another go another flow...who knows
Any way the wind blows...
You both ain't letting on with the show!
Helloo Pharaoh boy...I miss you!
Are you getting your daily dose of munchy marrow
You too love Uncle Sauli
I could include you in their love story...
Hero dog Pharaoh to the rescue in the nick of time...ooooeeeh!

The Dark Side said...

Difficult to figure out what's going on with these two, but there is still a strong connection. Not sure if the great distance between them is good or bad?

Nanbert said...

Adam has the rare knack of making and keeping friends...regardless of their history (romantic or otherwise). It certainly speaks well for him...and his friends. I think they help keep him "grounded".

ArchieGoodwin said...

I think just friends as well, maybe casual no strings sex at times. But not dating. I fear their relationship was somewhat volatile, full of ups and downs that an Aquarius man can't handle. The mix of Aries and Aquarius is hard. My husband is a true Aquarius like Adam; from interviews I can see how some of their internal struggles are the same.
Aquarius absolutely need to set their own pace and feel free to go off and run with it, and the feeling of being penned in is so hard. They definitely need the partner who doesn't mind the indecisiveness and the need to recharge. No offence to Sauli whom I am positive is a beautiful person, though a better best friend than full time lover. Age though , changes things. Just my thoughts, but these 2 are just close friends.

Lam-My said...

Hello is that you, Bert ..where are you, have not heard from you for so long; are you okay?

I'm not okay and I need a lot of help; in fact I'm stuck in some rapids in my kayak with my dog Pharaoh.

Whoa! Hang in there...where exactly?

Off Runyon Canyon...

You mean the rapids several miles downhill where we always have our rendezvous?

Yes yes only this time, my rendezvous is with Pharaoh. Poor fellow, he's shivering and barking, confused. Maybe, he thinks it's hell !

Okay, I'll be there...stay put, the current there is very strong and swirling.

Prrrrrrrrr... Soon a helicopter hovered above Runyon Canyon. Saul was using binoculars but couldn't seem to spot Bert and Pharaoh. He was getting worried, maybe the currents swept his kayak nearer to the waterfall. That would be disastrous if they toppled over the cliff !

Chopper pilot:
Hey, look there ! Hidden behind some boulders; what is that?

Woh woh woh woh oooooeeeh!

That's Pharaoh's squeal whenever he's sacred or excited.

Soon, a thick rope was lowered from the chopper just above the boulders. Bert grabbed the rope dangling in the wind; desperately fastened himself to Saul's body; at the same time, holding onto Pharaoh who was trembling.

All of a sudden, Pharaoh gave out a shrill frantic squeal that echoed through the canyon...oooooeeeeh! it went down down down splash ! into the raging rapids.

Bert yelled in tears:
Pharaaooh... ! Pharaaooh... !

Saul immediately unbelted himself, leaving Bert intact and like Tarzan, leapt into the raging currents some 10 metres down. By this time, Pharaoh was close to sinking, barely enough strength to keep afloat with his dog paddling against the fierce currents. What a a brave dog he is!

Got you!!
Saul grabbed him by his doughnut tail and strapped the limp dog to his chest. Pharaoh seemed motionless; no ! don't die!
Frantically, Saul applied mouth-to-mouth CPR with skill and precision he learnt as a bodybuilder/trainer. Not so easy...Pharaoh's big mouth was wide open, and gently closing it, Saul blew hard into it. Lo and behold... Pharaoh boy turned and smiled the most beautiful smile of all...