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Daily Mail: 'Dating can be a bit tricky!': Adam Lambert reveals his struggle to find love and says it's impossible to deeply connect with people online

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Posted at : Tuesday, February 20, 2018

He's the American Idol runner-up who is regularly hailed as one of the world's hottest pop stars.     But on Tuesday, Adam Lambert revealed he still struggles to get himself a date, adding that he's even turned to dating apps.   Speaking to KISS FM's The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the Whataya Want from Me singer was candid about his struggle to find love. 

'You can meet somebody great and then be like ok, I'm only here for three days I gotta go, it was a nice first date and goodbye...It's tough.'   Mild mannered Jackie then turned her attention to dating apps, bringing-up the most talked about 'celebrity dating app' Raya.    

'Have you ever been on that,' she asked point blank.    

The co-host then giving a preamble about the app - which was made famous after Drew Barrymore created a profile but was apparently ignored.     

'I'm on there. I've already done that one.'    
'I've come through it and I didn't meet anyone.'    
The openly gay Queen frontman has been linked to several people over the years including Sam Smith, although he previously denied romance rumours.   
'He's like, such a nice guy, he's so funny [but] no, there's no romantic rumour,' the UK's The Mirror newspaper reported in February last year.    
'We did ride a rickshaw in London from one club to another, wasted, at like 3 a.m. in the morning. So, there's a lot of bonding.'   However, his last serious reported boyfriend was hunky Finnish entertainment reporter, Sauli Koskinen, who he split with in 2013. 


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Sunflower said...

That's one downside of fame, being able to find that one person and everything else that follows in a relationship! I'm in the same boat, can't find anyone for me! I don't want to leave this world "still being single". Adam you and I should talk over Tequilas and make a list of what is going wrong. On the other hand, you will not have a problem, that day will come when you least expect it! If I could follow my own advice! Lol. Sauli said the same thing last year in June that " you and him " are ONLY FREINDS! I believe the both of you! I know a lot of Glamberts doesn't want to believe this, everytime the two of you get together, boy oh boy your fans come up with these fantasies of "romance", sometimes I cringe at this, and think, why don't some Glamberts don't believe you and Sauli that you two ARE FREINDS? I do!!!

Sunflower said...

Ok me again,I meant to type FRIENDS, NOT FREINDS. In school I got straight As in spelling but since I started texting, I mess up now and then. Grrrrr

Lam-My said...

One main reason why Adam has much difficulty finding a permanent partner-in-crime is not his fault nor because of the cut-short time periods due to his tours/concerts. Yes, those are valid but to my mind, gays/lesbians will have double or even triple the chances of not finding that person that clicks, simply because they are such a minority pool of people. And when they do find someone, other reasons crop up. A large pool of potential suitors/candidates would be much easier to circumvent the difficulty.
Hi Adam, don't look so sad, it will happen! Love will come a-knocking; I even see a kid or two. Hey Sauli! gee dee up ding ding ding round 2!

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Meanwhile a story to cheer up the lovelorn...

Bert was sitting on the verandah of his villa on the fringe of a remote forest; his get-away home whenever his lovelorn sadness kicked in. A rather tall handsome man, one would think it wouldn't be a problem when it came to matters of the heart.
He gazed into the forest, birds singing crazily, red canaries their throat down-feather shaking vigorously as their love calls rang out filling the whole forest. Well, at least they have so much love...wish I were a canary, Bert murmured.

At this moment a dark figure staggered at the edge of the forest and then a that of someone in pain.
Whaaz zis zhis? Bert walked cautiously into the forest metres away.
Good gracious, a man struggling tenaciously to hold a baby in his arm which was bleeding. Bert instantly got to him, asked what happened.
He mumbled inaudibly and then blanked out. Bert cradled the baby whose blue eyes gazed anxiously at him. Bert took the baby back to his villa, called his housekeeper Lucy to come immediately.
Within five minutes Lucy was there on the verandah and gasped:
Good Lord, what are you doing with a baby?

Bert handed the child to Lucy, no time to explain nor did he know what happened. He rushed back to the forest to save the bleeding man; flipped him over his shoulder and rushed him to the nearby clinic in his open-top Lamborghini.
The man was wheeled into the intensive-care unit where he was connected to a ventilator as the doctor detected a very weak, low heart pulse.
Bert waited outside for an hour, gave a report; at the same time called Lucy his housekeeper. Thank goodness, little baby blue eyes could be heard gurgling, sucking on a bottle of milk as if he had not been fed for a long time.
Well, the man in the intensive care unit was not as fortunate, he passed on, the wound had turned septic and infected the heart.
Bert drove back to his villa and was so glad that baby blue eyes survived.
To cut the story short, baby blue eyes grew up into a fine robust boy under the love and tutelage of Daddy Bert who adopted him and named him 森林 Sern Leen / Dark Forest.
It was learnt later that the man was the father of the baby and his village was pillaged by a gang of looters. The man grabbed his baby and ran for his life, got lost in the forest in the process. That desperate father gave his life to save his son.


NoName said...

I've been laughing a lot after Adam's NYE-party b/c my countrymen (Finns) where so excited and shouted on twitter "It's a statement, it's a statement!!!". A & S are a couple. And this b/c of the photo w Pharaoh. I did not see any close/intimate photos of those two whem Sauli was in LA. Just fruendship. Sauli seemed to be more close w Adam's dog that w Adam. They were not seen even in same rooms at the party. Sauli spent time w his Finnish friends and some of their mutual friends but mostly they were seen separately. I felt a bit sad when I saw Sauli's IG-story in bathroom wearing underwear and photoing himself drunk there. So, no. I'm not surprised that Adam is still looking for love. I'm just sad that Sauli can't let go of him b/c he is such a great guy and it would be easier to start dating someone when you got rid of the past. He has steadier job and it would be easier to be in a relationship than it is for Adam who travels so much. Just my opinions. Sauli will be 33 years old soon and he's been single for 5 years now. It would be nice if he could have a family of his own. (If he wants that)

Lori Williams said...

Well said NoName...I've noticed too😑😑

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I read that both ADAM & Sauli say they are just Good Friends .. nothing more .. but of course that's what they "say"!! Maybe they feel like keeping their personal life just that ... Personal ... so I'll take them at their word!!

Not everyone wants to settle down when they are young & given ADAM & Sauli's hectic & busy schedule right now .. there would be little time for them to devote to each other!! Maybe sometime in the future but I doubt right now (ADAM is still touring with QUEEN) ... they're both concentrating on their careers .. there'll be plenty of time later on ... if that is what they want!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Sydney QAL just started about half an hour ago live stream. Going back now. Good audio, visual.

Lam-My said...

Lost the signal at Love Of My life, Brian May. But can watch the recorded live that comes on soon after every performance. Adam did the Get Down Make Love riffs, very sensual, aesthetic. See if I can get it back.

Lam-My said...

Yep got it back...Find me somebody toooooo ooo-oo-oo looove... Huge applause!

Sunflower said...

NoName. Exactly! I'm glad that I'm not the only one that sees it this way! Adam and Sauli already had their time and place. Like you pointed out it has been five years and still to this day many American fans like your fellow Finns, get excited with any reunion between these two! They turn these "get togethers" into Romantic Encounters! It disappoints me in my American peers because in my mind, they are under an illusion that they will be back together again! NoName Sauli IS NOT the only "fish" in the sea! There is a whole world out there full of other "fishes"! Some fans are just "hell bent" for Adam and Sauli to stay together forever! As for me?, I know Adam will find someone, who isn't Sauli, and Sauli will find himself another love. Sauli has a better chance to find someone first, because his job is stable, and Adams isn't! But Adam should let "finding someone" happen naturally! Adam and Sauli have a very special, loyal friendship, without any romance! Did Sauli travel by himself to LA for New Years?, no he brought his friend or sister (not sure which) with him and yes, you're right he has his own friends out there. There's a video of Sauli relaxing at Adams house during his visit in January but someone else was there too!!! So I agree with all you said NoName in your comment. I only wish some of these fans would listen to Adam and Sauli when they say " it's only friendship". Why do they doubt them????

NoName said...

@Sunflower I totally agree with you. It's nice that they are still friends but I don't see any tenderness when they are in same places. They behave like friends do. Sauli was in LA with his two Finnisj female friends. I don't know what happens to their friendship if either of them finds a partner. Maybe it fades little by little. Sauli is travelling to Bali on Friday. Some say he goes w his cousin and her bf. Some fans naturally hope that A & S meet b/c Australia is near Bali. I don't think that will happen. Adam is busy. And he has lots of cute friends in Australia. Sorry to say but if I was Sauli, I would not meet Adam so often. Maybe then I would see that there really are other beautiful and tasty fishes in the see.

Lori Williams said...

I so agree with both @Noname and @Sunflower....Adam travels a lot and Sauli doesn't. And yes it does get a little disappointing that some Glamberts only see Romance and not a Friendship with these two beautiful souls...maybe one day🙂