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New/old Pic via David Quick IG: #hangingwiththisguy #adamlambert #satnights #gayboys #instagay #goodtimes #la #sydney #safetravels

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Posted at : Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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Sunflower said...

I don't know how Adam does it, no matter where, with who, day, night, backstage after a show, he looks flawless in all the pictures I've seen him in! Not one strand of hair out of place or standing up, his face looking smooth, perfect eye makeup! I wish I can be this way when I'm in pictures, hahaha! I'm not photogenic, darn it!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I know what you mean Sunflower .. I hate to take pics .. I look like Brunhilda the witch in all of them .. 'specially if I don't know I'm being photographed .. it's enough to give you nightmares ... eeek!! lol

OT ...I'm in a much happier mood now that I've held my great grand baby now that she's home from the hospital & smiling, cooing & singing with me ... best of all she's once again gaining weight!! GOD is GOOD!! So is my cyber family of Glamberts & Queenberts!! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!

Light 'n Love <3<3<3

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw......delighted to hear that Skylynne (sp?) is out of danger and on the mend. I know that was scary. Now you can relax again and take care of yourself.

Sunflower said...

Lambert Outlaw. That's great news that your great granddaughter is better! Also good to know that you're in better and happier spirits! God is truly good!