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Adam Lambert On Instagram x 3: Adam Sings Jeff Buckley's "Lilac Wine" VIDEO(S)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, April 20, 2018

Posted at : Friday, April 20, 2018

Adam Lambert On Instagram x 3: Adam Sings Jeff Buckley's "Lilac Wine" VIDEO(S)

Plus full combined video & download link

Photos: Screen caps from Adam Lambert's IG videos

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The 3 Instagram videos combined here, uploaded to You Tube by Kathy Katz

"Lilac Wine" as covered by Adam Lambert

In this tweet below by @Miachihu, a download link for those who would like to save it!

Below, interesting "throw back" article from 2009 (mentioned in this tweet from a very observant fan,) from a blog published just after the American Idol Season 8 finale. It's a discussion of Adam Lambert's incredible "Ring Of Fire" performance earlier in the season and the possibility of a tie-in to Jeff Buckley, with Randy Jackson's comment about that at the time, that Adam sang it in the style of Jeff Buckley (who had as far as is known, not actually sung the song). All in all, just fun to relive those moments so long ago, yet in a way, seems like yesterday. It must be noted however, that Adam's version of "Ring Of Fire" was said by him to have been inspired Dilana Robichaux's version.  Just a little bit of interesting history & trivia. Click on the link in the tweet to read the article.

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Allysa Mentor said...

From Jeff Buckley’s album Grace. Adam’s voice is perfect for this song. ����There were so many great songs on that album, that nobody ever heard except for Hallelujah ��

Nanbert said...

LOVELY, lovely rendition by Adam! OMG, just think of all the "gems" he must have sung...and will sing... that we will probably never hear.

What easy control he has of his glorious instrument!...not only in his range, but everywhere from a belt to a whisper, and in ALL the colors in the spectrum (plus a few we didn't know existed before)!

What must it be like? be able to sing like that? OWN such a treasure?

Sunflower said...

Breaking news everyone!!! Swedish DJ Avicci found dead at the age of 28! At a place called Omon. Remember how Adam worked with him. No details of death, but had problems, thus why he retired. RIP Avicci! 🙏🌹

glitzylady said...

Yes, such tragic news about Avicii's death.. I'm waiting to post something officially on the blog until we hear from Adam. I was stunned when I heard about it..

Sunflower said...

Adam worked and recorded that song with Avicci, oh my mind escapes me the name of the song! Like I read he had health problems.

Sunflower said...

Yes glitzylady, read this on my Iheart radio app. So sad indeed.

Sunflower said...

"Lay Me Down" is the name of the song! 😢

Dee R Gee said...

Lilac Wine was written in 1950 by James Shelton. It's been recorded by various artists, including Jeff Buckley. This little, casual video of Adam singing it is getting quite a good number of hits! Keep it up, Glamberts and beyond!

I wonder if this is a hint that Adam will have some bluesy stuff on A4. It sure proves that he can sing it with the best of them. I love when he just seems to sing off-the-cuff, but does it with such vocal perfection and finesse. It's really mind-boggling. No voice his quite like his.

Just heard about Avicii, too. What a sad story. Only 28 years old. I suppose we'll hear more details soon.

I love watching Adam sing Lay Me Down. The choreography is so smooth and sexy. I really LOVE that song! Shoulda/woulda/coulda been a hit for him, IMO.

Dee R Gee said...

Just watched Lilac Wine vid again, and just have to say, HE JUST KILLED THAT SONG with every bone in his body.

Sunflower said...

I didn't mean to ignore Adam on this song, I agree Dee R Gee, I can't stop looking at this video! It is simply stunning on how he's singing this. Almost made me cry actually, I'm glad to hear, you saying that it's getting a lot of hits! Breathtaking!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I went to Ytube to listen to this sad song linked together by several Glamberts ... I love ADAM's sad sultry heart rending version .. I was a little disappointed that there was no ending .. I hope ADAM sings the whole song from beginning to end sometime ... he does it so beautifully as always!! Thanx for posting this & the sad news about Avicii ... may he RIP with the Angels!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

I agree. I love this casual, somewhat spontaneous version. It's like he just suddenly decided to sing it. and there he goes! And yes, I wish he had sung the whole thing. But Adam usually leaves us wanting more, right?