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NME: Adam Lambert Interview, June 14, 2018

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, June 15, 2018

Posted at : Friday, June 15, 2018

British music site NME interviews Adam Lambert on June 14, 2018.

"I have just been writing what I feel like writing. I’m excited about it! I’ve been influence(d) by everything going on around me, and I wanted to make a record exploring all my influences from years gone by to now, so that’s what I have done. I’ll be back in the studio as soon when the [Queen] tour finishes."


Dee R Gee said...

First of all, HI Broddybounce! Good to see you back!

This is one of the best interviews I've heard in a long time. I really learned a few new things. I didn't realize that AI contestants who were perceived to be gay were sometimes given a hard time on the show. (I didn't watch Idol till Season 7, so I never witnessed it myself.) I can imagine Adam watching the show all those years and seeing that happen. Those contestants were considerable a kind of comic relief rather than serious contenders. It's pretty sad. But when Adam showed, it was clear that he was the real deal. Simon detected that fact right away and he didn't treat Adam in a derogatory way at all. Simon sensed that Adam was cut above the rest, regardless of his sexuality. We've come a long way in ten year, I think.

I'm glad Adam was asked about his new music. I know we've waited a long time, but it's always worth it. Adam acts like the finished product will be really great and will be a reflection of real self. Hope we get a good variety of songs on A4.

I also love Adam's description of Brian May. It's just how I expected him to answer. Brian is such a gentle soul, thoughtful and sensitive. He is concerned about the fate of the world and is active in helping out. The fact that he can absolutely shred the electric guitar with the best of them is a sight to behold. He is a master at his craft.

broddybounce said...

Thanks, Dee! I always appreciate your kind comments -- and observations!

Yes, great interview -- Adam is very smart and very keyed in! -- and I really appreciate his thoughts & feelings he gave in this answer regarding his controversial AMAs appearance:

"It was definitely a reaction, definitely to prove a point. Then quickly I realised it could potentially take my chance away, and that was a difficult position to be in. My principles were very firm, and I was very clear on what I believe, and I’m always one to be kind of contrary and to debate and to prove a point. But I also didn’t want to lose my shot. I wanted to have a career that was all of a sudden available to me, so that was a bit of a conflict for me. I didn’t know exactly what to do and I was scared. I backed off a little bit and I had some success."

(me again:)

Some will agree with me and some won't but I feel that -- not that Adam should have compromised his art, but -- at that juncture, his first really big appearance after coming off Idol, and people loving him for many reasons, but especially that VOICE, a gift from the heavens, that THAT is what he should have been concentrating on first thing off of Idol, his singing, his music, and not "making a statement," per se, so early in his career but only because, unlike most other artists, he had just come off of Idol where people were voting for him. Expectations were high.

Later into 2010, or maybe even as late as his second album, then, yes, absolutely, GO FOR IT, ADAM and do whatever you wanna do. But I think it was important to rope people in -- you know, first impressions, people who hadn't watched Idol but now could be given a reason to understand what all the hype about Adam was all about. And it was definitely about Adam an a complete performing artist, but key to it all is his voice.

Were it me helping to make the initial decisions for Adam's career, his first record, appearances, etc., I actually would have advised to make "Can't Let You Go" not only not a bonus track, and not only a track on the official album, but the actual FIRST SINGLE. The MAGIC and MASTERY he displays on that song is genius and would have spoken directly to why he won week after week and was in the Finale. I would have loved to have seen just HIM, no sets, no band, no dancers, etc., but him on an actual physical pedestal, with a pinspot light on his face, otherwise blackness all around him, very dramatic -- and just BELTING that song! I think the world would have been even more impressed than they had on Idol, and the music biz folks would have seen him in a totally different light. Unfortunately, it seems as if a few folks couldn't forgive him and still feel that way. For one, I thought Universal Music treated him terribly. And 19 Mgmt was nowhere skilled enough to know how to properly handle an artist like Adam (shoulda been managed by folks who manage artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bowie -- Adam has always been in that league!)

Fortunately, however, Adam's talent shone through and he has produced some wonderful creative and artistic performances, in recordings, on stage and on television. And it will just keep getting better, and we are very lucky to watch him continue to grow!

Indeed, Dee, can't wait for that wonderful album!

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee and broodybounce....great interview with Adam....great comments by you. I did not know that there was a definite bias against gays during American Idol, but it more clearly explains Cowell's remark about Adam during his audition that has always stuck in my craw...."he's theatrical"!

At the time, and often since then (as I revisit those Idol moments) I have wondered what about Adam made him seem "theatrical". He wore no makeup, no unusual clothing... his manner, movements and speech were undramatic....he was just a pleasant, attractive and poised young man....with an astonishing voice.

However, by the time contestants reach an audition with the judges, they have been thoroughly "vetted", and Adam's background....and sexual orientation....would have already been known by the judges.

So now I know what Simon meant by saying "he's theatrical" was his code word for "gay"! Because there should actually be NO bias against a singer with a musical theatre background/training being a contestant on Americal Idol...a singer is a singer!

Whatever! Simon finally swung around to Adam's could he not?...that talent!

I have always felt that Simon had a lot to do with Queen being invited to the finale.

And, as I've mentioned before here, and as confirmed by Adam's interview I've always felt that Adam's loss on American Idol...which he so obviously OWNED from the beginning....was perceived by him as anti-gay...and he therefore made it a point to stubbornly emphasize his "gayness" with his first album cover, and his disasterous AMA performance....which set his career back quite a bit....and yes, eventually, his "Tommy kissing" through his first prove a point.

In his interviews lately, Adam has been more open about his early rebellion and motives that got him off to a rough start...which confirms my earlier instincts about him.

Fortunately, he seems in a much better place now...more settled and at peace with the world and himself. And the world has become more accepting little by little. Adam sets a good example....of someone unabashedly HIMSELF!

Broodybounce...I love your idea about "Can't Let You Go"...and its staging for a performance. You'd have to be dead to not get goosebumps with that song!

broddybounce said...

Thanks, Nanbert -- I appreciate all your comments -- well said!! :)

Sunflower said...

Great article, I agree with everyone's comments. You know when I first laid my eyes on Adam in that waiting room and Ryan Seacrest going around the room and talking with others there, I hoped he would talk with Adam but noooooo, never happened! What I want to say is that I saw Adam as a regular ( but attractive) straight man, I saw nothing to tell me he was gay. Yes I noticed the eyeliner but I'm thinking he's a rocker and was no big deal to me. When he sang Chers "Believe" during Hollywood week, it was that day I asked myself "I wonder if he's gay?" Why did I think that?" Because only a gay man would sing a female artist song? Well I didn't care that he sang Cher, he was amazing, and I put aside the notion that he's gay, he was straight to me! All through out the season, I saw him as straight, if there was any obvious signs that he's gay, I was blind to it, with one exception! I saw something in him in the way he performed "Brand New Day" ( hope I have the correct title), when he came down those stairs ( smoking hot dressed in all white, yummy), started singing and along the way,the way he was expressing his movements, then I said "oh he may be gay!". I was heartbroken ( "cause" I fell in love with him and being gay there was no chance for us women). Oh I think the name of the song is "FEELING GOOD"! Fast foward 2018, I couldn't care a rats tail if he's gay, I love this man to death!!! Will always love and support him till my last breath, (not ready to exit yet, so much I need to do, lol). One quick note in the article Adam mentioned a Danni from an earlier season of AI. I remember him so well, it was obvious he was/is gay, but he was a good singer and I liked him a lot! Everytime I hear "Tainted Love " anywhere I think of Danni, ( think it's spelled Danny), whatever. Sorry I talked too much, had to get it out! Yep times have changed since Adams appearance on AI.

Nanbert said...

For what it's worth....this has been a very edifying and satisfying discussion. It's nice to explore in depth, with others, aspects of Adam and his career....especially following the more open, in depth, interviews he's giving lately.

Not just for us old, "dyed in the wool", Glamberts. But for new fans, recent arrivals... even just the curious passing by... I feel that the more people understand Adam, the more they will love and admire a person as well as an artist.....because that's what makes really STRONG fans.