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Adam Lambert attending Simon Cowell's Walk of Fame Ceremony, August 22, 18

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Posted at : Thursday, August 23, 2018

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Nanbert said...

Wouldn't you love to know what Adam and Simon are talking about? Their interaction suggests a closer relationship than I've been aware of.

Dee R Gee said...

They did keep up their little onstage chat longer than I expected. I am very curious about what they talked about. Adam has said that since Idol he has rarely met up with or talked to Simon, so I don't think they have a close friendship. But this little meet-up sure looks like they had more to say to each other than just "hi." Maybe Adam will tell us!

Nanbert said...

Just the fact that Adam was sitting in the "assigned" seating area with Simon's current
panel on "America's Got Talent"...Howey Mandell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, plus Leona Lewis, winner of "X Factor"(who is under contract to Simon) seems to put him high on Simon's "A" those seat assignments would have been chosen by Simon.

I've often thought that Simon was instrumental in Adam being on the Australian "X Factor"...and of having Queen perform on the finale of American Idol.

Also, notice how Simon keeps touching Adam and patting him on the shoulder in a much warmer manner than we are used to seeing from Simon...and NO, I don't mean in THAT way! Maybe they have some business dealings? Humm.....

Sunflower said...

Love seeing Adam and Simon conversing! I find it so sweet.