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Patria said...

Would it really be possible for Adam to "pull out something that's to far"? Freddie was wayyy wayyy out there.

Nanbert said...

Patria....just so Adam doesn't go to the "bitty white shorts" that he marveled at Freddie wearing... when he was saying once how Freddie didn't give a darn, he just did what he wanted.

I'm aware that not all Glamberts would be unhappy about similar costuming on Adam's part, but I feel that "less" is not always "more", heh heh. Just not Adam's "style", or suited to his impressive build, IMO.

That said, I'm sure Adam is up to great costuming...hope he's having fun with it, and that it'll still be very flattering to him. Can't wait!

creamtangerine said...

Beautiful man, love Adam.

Patria said...

It's never been about competing with Freddie and I hope it doesn't start now with the costuming. Adam is Adam and Freddie was Freddie. Let's keep it that way. Both fit perfectly with Queen.
Adam is under the public microscope more so than Freddie ever was. I think staying clothed is a good plan. If Adam came out dressed only in short shorts and a microphone, No One would even know or care what song he's singing.

Change of topic, will this residency be the last of QAL concerts? Do we know of anymore in the future?

Nanbert said...

hahahaha...Patria... "no one would even know or care what song he's singing"! I almost spilled MY coffee on MY keyboard when I read it! Touche!

Nanbert said...

Patria...about the future....Brian and Roger seem to love touring/entertaining so much that, short of health problems, I find it hard to believe they're ready to call it quits anytime soon. Sure hope NOT!

Dee R Gee said...

No way is Adam going to do any copying of Freddie, costume-wise. Adam can be just as crazy in his own way. I know he will look fabulous, whatever he wears. As for future QAL tours, Adam and Brian and Roger have said multiple times that they'll just keep on doing it as long a they want to and are able to. That's sounds good to me.

Shelagh said...

Agree Dee R Gee, Adam would never copy Freddie, and he'd never pull it off if he did, I'm sure we're going to see lots of bling and sparkle, and of course campiness LOL !