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Spike Edney, Keyboardist For Queen, Talks About Adam Lambert, Current Queen Frontman (Video)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, December 15, 2018

Posted at : Saturday, December 15, 2018

Spike Edney, Keyboardist For Queen, Talks About Adam Lambert, Current Queen Frontman

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

I believe Spike was the first to "discover" Adam on American Idol....and to alert Brian and Roger to check him out. Gotta love Spike! He's also a genius musician.

Sue Smith said...

Oh my Adam would slay Big Spender. I know it is not a Queen song but he would sing the heck out of that song, just like he did with JHR by Elvis.

Dee R Gee said...

It's been pretty clear that everybody in the Queen family really likes Adam A LOT! They have all praised his talent and his professionalism and his friendliness. No surprise from me. We've all known Adam and we know how great he is. I love when Brian and Roger call him their GFG and say that no one else could do what he does onstage with them.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee ....I think that Adam's much easier to work with and to be around than Freddie. Evidently, he has a great work ethic, and a can-do attitude, as well as good artistic judgement and problem solving. And he's light hearted and fun!

Also, he knows how to use and save his voice...and has an enormous range, color and control of his voice to tap into for the most difficult of Queen songs. And he is the showman to project the music! A match made in wonder the Queen family love Adam!

As far as touring goes....Queen is even more sucessful with Adam as frontman, than they were with Freddie....and probably more comfortable with him, too.

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, on whose/which official authority do you say "As far as touring goes....Queen is even more successful with Adam as frontman, than they were with Freddie....and probably more comfortable with him, too." They're doing more tours and performing at more venues now than they were when Freddie was alive. Along with the other Queen band members, Freddie was a creative musical maestro and very talented people can be difficult at times. I read that Brian could be extremely particular about everything but the four band members came together to write what is arguably the best rock music of all time. I gather the four of them had disagreements but that may be typical of band members. Also, there are bands that have split up only to reform down the track. John Deacon retired from the band because he didn't want to continue without Freddie. And why do you think Brian and Roger continue to keep Freddie's legacy alive, as well as make a movie about him? Because they loved him, continue to love him and want the world to enjoy their music live, and they can do that with Adam. Furthermore, Brian and Roger are much older now than they were when Freddie was alive, and probably more relaxed than they used to be.

Shelagh said...

Rosemary White, I COMPLETELY agree with your comments !!!! had Freddie still been alive they SO would have still been touring too like all the other huge rock bands are of the 70's, they as you say were a lot younger in those days and I also read in the book Brian May wrote, that they could ALL be difficult in their own way at times, if it hadn't been for Freddie's absolute genius as a songwriter, they may never have been the huge success as they were in the early days, so thank God for Freddie !!and Yes, hands up, I HAVE said, I actually prefer Adam's voice ( if pushed in a corner to decide), however, the way some Adam fans disrespect Freddie is beyond me, some didn't know what a HUGE rock band Queen were before Adam,and only got to know them because of Adam. Having seen Queen perform twice with Freddie, I get quite upset at these comments tbh, so thank you Rosemary, glad you pointed it out !

Nanbert said...

I was just repeating something Brian said in an interview ....that their TOURS NOW have been more successful than they'd ever been before. And biographies have told how undependable Freddie often was, and how occasionally they'd had to cancel performances because his partying beforehand rendered him unable to perform....or that his performances were often "ragged" then when he did perform. That must have been nerve wracking and a hardship on the other band members.

I am NOT detracting from Freddie's TALENT, but complimenting Adam's work ethic,consideration for others, and professionalism. Nor am I even comparing them....apples and oranges! However, Adam's undoubtedly easier to work with and be around....which must make TOURING a lot more fun and relaxing....AND DEPENDABLE. And he's obviously more than capable of handling the job!

Yes, Freddie was a genius (in fact they ALL were). But he did not create music in a vacuum! It's possible that without Brian, Roger and John, no one would even know Freddie's name today. It was the magical confluence of those FOUR geniuses that created Queen's music....and the mighty "Queen Sound" which STILL exists today in Brian and Roger's hands. I am often saddened that Brian and Roger do not get the credit for their (Queen's) music that they's just that Freddie was always the most VISUAL and "in your face". Many people think of Queen as "Freddie's band"....when in fact, Queen was ALL of them!

But being a "genius" is no excuse for Freddie's excesses and lack of consideration for his band members...he had been taking credit for ALL their music....when in fact it was quite collaborative..... and it appears that he eventually realized...almost too late... that he needed the others as much as they needed him.

Shelagh said...

And without Freddie,it's possible Roger and Brian's names wouldn't be known today either !

Have to say yes Freddie was the most VISUAL and "in your face" part of the band, I think it's called being their "frontman", a bit like Adam being their current frontman isn't it ? he's definitely VISUAL and "in your face" !! and of course very sexy with it LOL.

I feel quite sad though, that some ardent Adam fans tend to think Queen as some sort of 'backing' band for him ( not you Nanbert BTW!) when in fact he is their current(and obviously their final)frontman for the band, and he is SO very lucky to be performing with them as I know he realises this.

Some think the QAL name should be dropped(something said a while back on here !)I'm petty confident that will never happen.

However I'm a bit saddened that on the above comment, Freddie has been personally criticised for SOME excess partying, deemed as lack of consideration for his band members, yet when I mentioned about some of Adam's( who has been described as a "genius" on here too, partying (although true I got personal too) pictured on social media which might not be good publicity for the band IMO, I got slated, just saying LOL.

Sue Smith said...

Correction it was not Jail House Rock it was Heart Break Hotel that Adam sang in Vegas. I know BS not by Elvis but just saying how great he did with that at a Queen concert.

Sue Smith said...

I'm just saying one thing Adam on his off time may party and have a good
Time. He does it when he is not out on the road with Queen or performing on his own concerts. I have never seen Adam throw big parties or drink heavily when he is with Queen in concert.he never missed a Queen concert do to
Drinking ever. Only one time he missed one he was sick with a throat infection and had done at least a couple concerts sick. I have heard Brian say FM was precious to them and they have also said how much they love Adam he part of their family. I'm not running one down to take up for the other but their have been some uncalled for nasty things said about Adam both here an Instagram by so called fan or fans if he does any little thing they dont agree with. No ones saying Adam perfect but he has an exceptional work ethic.
When he has performances and responsibilities he does them. He may have taken maybe have taken one shot of tequila or an energy drink before going on stage from time to time he always been in complete control of senses and performances.
He also been working on a new album for over three years that will most likely pretty damn good with as well. He did this in between working with Queen and when on the road with Queen as well.
He has said that he recorded some of it while he was on the road for Queen concerts I know he did in Vegas. That's not so easy. Has also said Brian and Rodger have taught him so much about music. I actually dont think they get a long better because they are older some people are not easy to get along with when older even more so than young.
However they obviously are nice men who give Adam a chance to shine on those concerts. On the other hand every person that has worked with Adam has said what a really nice man he is.
Correction Brian and Rodger have taught him much about writting.
I read in an interview just the other day where he said the four of them wrote the songs together. The same interview he said talking about the movie that obviously FM was very precious to them. Interview after interview they praise Adam and how he now a part of the family. Adam seems also to be very precious to them.
Obviously in paragraph above I was talking about Brian M. Spike E just said that Adam had the same work ethic as they do.
Obviously I've said more than one thing
I'm certainly not alone in tbat.
Brian answered all the those it not called Queen bit QAL remarks. Brian said it does not matter what it is called we are a band. He also referred to it as their glorious band.
Adam loves Queen he done much to bring them back to glory time. Brian and Rodger have certainly done the same in helping Adam get more fans. He has been able to show case his talent in a fantastic way. Tbey helped each other very much and respect and love each other as well. Some get so defensive when something is said about FM they dint agree with so protective of him people who are suppose to care so much for Adam. Yet dont think twice about saying unkind things about him to prove their points. The FM era has been so respected by both Adam and Brian and Rodger it would be nice if others could do the same for Adam now.I also along with many others consider Adam a very talented person not one person who has worked with him has said he difficult.
That's why Adam has taken so much time with this album and has probably fought with the business side to do something very good not just throw put another album. He said he wanted more timeless songs I'm sure B and R may have had some input in that.
I'm expressing my input like others have and it's not a rant it's my feelings. F Mercury was a very talented man and so is Adam not arguing or going back and fourth with any body. I had my say just like others did. Did it with out taking pot shots at FM unlike was done to Adam. People are going to have certain opinions because of the way FM was portrayed in the movie by his other band members not any of us.

Sue Smith said...

Adam has studied long and hard to become the terrific singer he is today.
However if he did not already have the wonderful God given talent he already had, no amount of work would make him as good as he is today. You have to have a talent to mold. He just work very hard on all the aspects of singing
And it certainly shows. He is a crazy talented man and not just in singing.
He seems also to be able to work well with others not just Queen. He cares a much of his solo career as he does Queen. When this new album comes out that I hope and believe will be very good hopefully all will see that. The ones who been so impatient for it as I have as well. Not putting shade on any other artist just stating what I feel about Adam.

Shelagh said...

That's EXACTLY what I was doing !! expressing my feelings (as I'm allowed as much as you are ! )especially about certain comments having a 'pop' at Freddie, when these same people don't like anyone having a 'pop' at Adam !

Sue Smith said...

I'mnot arguing with you with anyone.i however will say pops have been taken very unfairly about Adam. Unfair, unkind things and assumptions have been made about Adam by the same few that had nothing to do with pops made at Freddie many times.
Why light into Adam if people say things you do not agree with about Freddie. Did he do that? Has he been any thing but respectful and humble about FM no he has not. You can take up for FM without going at Adam. He said nothing but amazingly kind things about him.

Nanbert said...

Taking a "jab", Shelagh? tsk, tsk.

glitzylady said...

Some thoughts on this thread and the direction it's taking: :)))

It started out to be about some wonderful comments by Queen's keyboardist Spike Edney. So much admiration and love and respect for Adam Lambert, by not only Spike, but in the past from all of the Queen band. Can we perhaps keep it positive here? Discuss away, it's great to express opinions, but as we've asked in the past, please keep it respectful, for the others who are commenting and for, in this case Freddie, Adam, etc.. etc..

I don't see the point of bringing up the occasional controversies over the years about Adam being the frontman for Queen. He does a fabulous job, is much loved by Dr. May, Mr. Taylor, etc.. And Adam has time and time again won over Queen fans who had initial reservations about Adam. We see SO MANY comments everywhere about how amazing Adam is, not just from Adam Lambert fans but from Queen fans. There will always be some fans, who miss Freddie terribly and just don't care for Adam. It is what it is. And it will always be that way to one extent or another.

As for who is "better", Freddie or Adam? They are both simply incredible, each in their own way. I have massive respect for both men.

And re Freddie's "behavior" back in the day. Well, he was a rockstar, in a rock band. In the 70's & 80's... He sure as heck wasn't the only one who lived life to the fullest. It's just incredibly sad that he passed away before his time.. The band members of Queen, were and are, super talented. They all contributed their skills and songs to the legend that is Queen. No controversy there...... And just like families, related by blood and otherwise, they sometimes disagreed, fought, etc..

So MUCH respect for all of these men who over the years created some of the greatest music ever.. and for the lovely & talented Adam Lambert for helping to keep the music fresh & alive today.


Nanbert said...

Well said, glitzylady!

Sue Smith said...

I totally agree glitzylady. However I think I was quite respectful of both men. But as I pointed out no one needs throws shade on one to put the other on a pedestal. They both are as you said and I also said very talented men.
Yes in 70's and 80's there were some crazy partying ect going on in the rock world. Actually there still is just not quite as crazy over the entire rock world. Some older have been forced physically to settle down do to age.

Not all the rock world is older still some young ones not as many as were in those era's. People in the 70's and 80's did not know very much about Aids.
At least in the early stages that people first started realizing they were infected. Yes it very sad that FM passed away from that.thank God now they are much more informed. But people
Still get infected in various ways. Both Adam and Queen have helped raise money to help that community.

What Adam does in his private life is his own business. However when it comes to his professional life he has always been just that professional. I followed him for just about ten years now and I can say that with absolutely no reserve.

My last statement was going to be my last statement no matter what. Like I said I was not in it for an argument.
It's so hard to sit back and listen to people say unfair things about him. He never ever been anything but respectful
Of FM to the point he pokes fun at himself to complement him.

Sue Smith said...

Sorry I hit that space button a couple times to fast. I often do that.

Shelagh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelagh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelagh said...

Thank you Glitzy Lady !! (Tsk Tsk Nanbert )

Sue Smith said...

Shelaug stop twisting everything I said to your advantage. I believe GL addressed nicely and corrected nicely the incorrect info given about the crap said by you. It really is not funny how you behave so please stop the lol crap at my expense. Everything is not about you. Its about stopping demeaning Adam every time you dont like something.
He did nothing to deserve it at all. I said zero unkind about FM. The Queen men are brilliant with or without FM. Freddie and Queen were brilliant together and Adam and Queen or brilliant together. Adam is not just lucky he has the talent to carry being a successful frontman for them. They went after Adam he did not go after them to join. They are wonderful together such talented men. The entire band. Now leave me the hell alone I said my peace and you said yours.

Sue Smith said...

I should not have responded but very snarky things were said to me and then purposely removed. So sorry I should never have responded to it. From now on I am done. I mean I am done. Adam doing fantastic he does not need me to shield him from whatever. That does not mean I will not comment.

Shelagh said...

well Thank the Lord for that !!

Sue Smith said...

Oh go away! I'm sure I won't be able to keep it as mean as you are. As much as I care for Adam.

Shelagh said...


Sunflower said...

I'm so grateful for all the kind words Spike and Neil and any others have said about Adam! Happy to be a Glambert/Queenbert!

Shelagh said...

Sunflower so am I, I really love Adam as an artist !

Sue Smith said...

I love Adam as a person and an artist I have for ten years. It's hard to separate the two with him. He truly a lovable man.
I've never turned against him even if I may not been 100 percent on board weverything he did. No one on this earth makes right decisions all the time. Never understood how people who have criticized Adam can look in the mirror because there is no perfection there. We all make mistakes no one should throw that first stone. Because all of is looking back on our life have made plenty. Yet some think they have the right to judge him.
He lives his life every single day of it I so admire that.
He a talented sweet man with imperfections like the rest of us just tons more talented than most any person I know. Handsome, sweet and kind what's not to bad there are not more Adam M. Lamberts in this messed up old world of today.
Sure he has got a couple people he not crazy about in Washington , he not alone in that. Adam does not have a mean bone in his body a very, very rare trait today..correction that was never turned against him even if I was not 100 on board every time.
What a precious gift I found 10 years ago on AI. This world is a more musical place now. This is for Sunflower and others who truly do believe care for Adam who away been in his corner. Through good and bad times. Fought for him when people were so unfair to him.
Now lots of good times coming for him I really do believe that. So richly deserved every good thing he gets he richly deserves he worked hard for it.
Correction above who always been in his corner.

Shelagh said...

I love Adam as an artist, I OBVIOUSLY don't know him personally (as some fans seem to think they do !) so couldn't possibly say I love him as a person LOL, he SO deserves everything he's worked so hard for of course, and hopefully good times ahead for him either solo or with Queen.

Shelagh said...

Sue BTW I realise you are having a 'jab at me' on your above post, please respect what Glitzy Lady has said !!

Sue Smith said...

Go Away! I will not argue.its my post. Not disrespecting a soul. It's how I feel.

Shelagh said...

LOL !!!

Sue Smith said...

These are my feelings the only people it may bother on here are ones with a guilty conscience. I did not direct it at just one person. Adam taken much crap over the years from various nasty people. No I'm not one of them. The internets full of them especially since he took over for Queen. However this site has had it's fair share.
Nobody can tell me my feeling how I should care about Adam. I'm 70 years old I never liked an artistic I do Adam
So for me it's not just about his massive talent it's also who he is a person. In my own way I love him as an artist and as a man. Over the years he sure had to take so much internet crap he did not deserve for both his personal and professional life.
Correction I have never liked an artist like I do Adam not artistic.

NOTICE I will not argue or carry on like a third grader on this site again.
It my end of the year feelings if anyone wants to make it about themselves can you wonder why they are doing that. Adam's taken more than his fair share of scrutiny but worked hard and came out victorious.the most over used word on the internet is LOL its supposed to be about something funny not to be hateful. I said my feelings I will not argue or discuss it any further and if you will notice I did not just direct it to one person. But if this hits a nerve that is not my fault.

Shelagh said...

well just stop going ON and ON like a scratched record then ! you and your friend are the ones acting like '3rd graders', SHE accused me of having a jab at you( when no names were mentioned were they ???? (before GL stepped in and gave a gentle hint), when I said it was just my opinion nothing else,yet that's NOT accepted by either of you, that's why I have called you hypocrites in the past for example, if I said Adam talked crap, you'd be having a go at me for being "snarky", yet YOU just said in a comment a couple of comments ago quote "crap said by you " meaning me it's there in black and white, isn't that you being hypocritical ??, I just put my feelings down just like you do, however EVERY time I comment on here now, I get backlash ONLY from you two ladies who seem to think you know much more than anyone else on here about Adam and seem to think you personally know him quote"he may have taken one shot of Tequila or energy drink before going on stage" " I've never seen Adam throw big parties or drink heavily when he is with Queen in concert" when in fact I'm presuming you weren't on tour etc, this is JUST an examnple of how you think you personally know him,
Anyway I'm totally disgusted as are others on here about the way you and your friend carry on, you always say you won't argue and will only say one thing, YET you then proceed to write an essay about how you are basically never wrong, and how you would never demean anyone, ( then comically go on to demean me !), I have NEVER come across anyone, so condescending and such a person who thinks they are the pinnacle of self righteousness as you

I won't stop commenting on this blogsite( because of your bullying) about my feelings for Adam, I AM a Glambert, I am a Queenbert, I am NOT a Troll( which you've BOTH accused me of ..remember you said quote"If the cap fits",you and your friend have personally crucified me on here, more than I have ever said mean comments about Adam ( whom I dearly love as an incredible artist), I don't get the fact that your'e a 70 yr old woman, what difference does that make ? I'm 65 but I TOO have feelings, and hae nastiness as you have shown towards me
Finally I can't stand you or your friend
You can't stand me let's just leave it at that, and from now on IGNORE each other

Shelagh said...

Glitzy Lady
I truly apologise yet again for the above comment, but I won't be personally targeted by certain people on here, if you think I am out of order then please say and I will leave.

Shelagh said...

Glitzy Lady

sorry but you don't need to answer my question now as I'm off here for good thanks to the two nastiest, patronising and condescending bullies I have EVER encountered on a blogsite,

Please don't allow them to spoil it for anyone else or drive them to whatever, I can understand their love for Adam, I honestly do I love him too, but I am not IN love with him,and to put him on a 'God like' pedestal is not healthy, he is a human being, and not accepting anyone's opinions good or bad is also not healthy,so again for me fortunately this spells just one thing
I'm very sorry for the rants that have been on here, but at least I've apologised, and not being in a very good place mentally at the moment, I have to do this.

Thank you once again, truly sorry for any upset caused, you won't hear from me again
BYE xx