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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Was really moved by @brandicarlile last night on the #GrammyAwards2019 #TheJoke is a killer song and she sang the shit outta it. Wow.

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Posted at : Monday, February 11, 2019

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Dee R Gee said...

Just listened to this song and I really like it. It's about persevering in the face of adversity. It's a great message. I can see why Adam likes it so much.

Nanbert said...

Adam's right! I searched out Brandi's song on Youtube, and the Official video of "The Joke" is a very powerful song. She has an amazing voice, and I'm sure she wowed the audience at the Grammies.

I would love to hear Adam sing that song....perfect for his voice!

Sunflower said...

Omg Adam you ain't lyin', I loved the song so much, had to write down her name and the songs title! Amazing performance by this woman. Never saw this artist before. Btw, I heard on the radio that the Grammy Awards had low ratings so I don't know?! By the time Adam is invited to perform on the Grammy's how many will watch It? We'll have to ask all Glamberts and Queenberts to watch when Adam comes on to help with ratings even tho it's a no brainer all his fans will watch anyways. Lol But WHEN is the question!

Magiclady said...

I am a new Brandi fan from last night also.
Had not heard her music before and was immediately drawn to her voice and the song "The Joke".
I see how Adam would be a fan.
Thought the Grammy's were amazing last night! Alicia was a great host. She just drew me in and her performance on the 2 pianos blew me away!
New fan of Dua Lipa too.
The women just shined last night.

Sue Smith said...

The Grammies in last few years have not been great have been pretty average so glad they took it up a notch with some performances. Adam oviously loved 2 in particular. I taped it did not watch it yet. I will probably watch it when I have a chance now that Adam told about these performances.
Adam has not had music put for three years that's all changing this year.
Adam has said he has some social type references some of the songs and songs about what going on previously in the world. He has in the past said songs he wrote were good he has said the new songs for this album are incredable. I am pretty sure Adam has upped his game considerably on this album he has worked a long time on it.
I think many of his past songs are really good but something just tells me this album and the new songs are on an even higher level of greatness. His time is coming hopefully at the Grammies he has been nominated once.
Adam had a great career so far and has gained many more fans since QAL.
I think he got some stages to shine on this year with his own music but I know he would shine like a diamond on that Grammie stage. Lot of good to come this year. I will check out those 2 performances because of Adam praising them he a very good judge of talent.
Correction that was Adam has not had music out. Adam said some of the songs are about the current not previous state of the world. I think there are a variety of types of music in the new album of Adam's cannot wait for the new single to be out.
I believe Adam gained new fans on the KCH cant wait for sundays Elvis Special.

Lam-My said...

Adam has released 3 outstanding Albums with very good songs, his vocals unsurpassable; you mean none of those is Grammy worthy...and just one song WWFM nominated...he never won a Grammy. Tells me quite plainly, what Grammy Awards are really about! But Adam is very confident and knows what he has got! Good enough.

This one caught my attention but missed it during The Original High, that it is in fact a master-class, in control/phrasing/meaning/unsurpassable vocals.
If S Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, worldwide, get Adam, why is it so difficult for the Grammys?

There I Said It:

creamtangerine said...

I was moved also by Brandi Carlile's song, The Joke. Never heard of her before. I had to check out her music. She like's folk rock music and is 37 years old.
The band likes Crosby Stills and Nash music. I just love her voice. Check her out she is amazing. Adam knows great talent when he see it. I will be listening to more of her music also.

Nanbert said...

July 2017 -- Adam is doing early promoting here of his album "The Original High" (pre-tour) at Morongo Casino, CA. Here is another version of his gorgeous power ballad "There I Said It", which I feel is one of the best, most emotional renditions of this song he's ever done. Also, he has never looked handsomer, IMO, than in this video. Enjoy the close-up!

In fact, all his videos from that Morongo performance were spite of a rather dark nightclub environment....especially his sizzling "After Hours" of my favorites.

Lam-My said...

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Sue Smith said...

There I Said it was an amaizing song and The Original High was a very good album. Thanks for the link Nanbert it is appreiated.

Nanbert said...

You're welcome, Sue. I think it's important to revisit Adam's earlier music often rather than just wringing our hands for new work. The only reason much of Adam's work has not yet become iconic is that it has not had enough exposure on radio. Also, new fans are not as familiar with all Adam's music as we are, and some walks down memory lane by us are educational for them, as well as enjoyable for us.

Also, Adam never sings a song quite the same way each time, so EACH rendition is a separate "jewel", IMO. For example, I was prompted to revisit my favorite rendition of "There I Said It" after visiting the splendid example above entered by Lam-My from Adam's performance on The Original High tour in Korea....and felt the need to share it. Adam's voice has so many colors!...all gorgeous!

Sue Smith said...

I so agree Nanbert. I love every rendition of this song. The Korea one is glorious. However the Morongo casino one is as well. Master-class in deed.
Every single time he sing the song or any song in my opinion it is a master-class performance. I will listen more tonight to all of them. I was feeling so bad last evening just heard once.
Love to listen over and over to songs like this.
In my humble opinion no one sings a power ballad like Adam. He puts such emotion in to every line. I believe do to his years of theatre and training and just a whole lot of stage experiance especially in the years of QAL and before.
Your so right the colors in Adam's voice are gorgeous. I believe that is one reason he so unique and sets him in a class of his own. I'm going to listen to these more tonight was'nt feeling well yesterday.

Lam-My said...

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