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Adam Lambert Was In The Studio With Linda Perry: Instagram Photo, Instagram Story Vid, etc..

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Adam Lambert Was In The Studio With Linda Perry: Instagram Photo, Instagram Story Vid, etc..

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert in the studio with Linda Perry

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And a reminder from Linda Perry: She and Adam worked on the song "A Loaded Smile" for his first album in 2009: "For Your Entertainment"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Patria said...

I do like that hair style. He can bring that to my QAL concert

annemarie said...

I like the hair, but how will he handle it in the heat and during a 2 hour concert. Seems like it would be all over the place. He may be doing this with his hair just to make us all talk about it, and we have in spades. This summer he will probably go back to a shorter look, like he generally has for all the concerts. He has basically done nothing for the last 7 months, except for a couple of one offs, and entertain his new boyfriend, and grow his hair.

Sue Smith said...

My goodness Adam looks wonderful. So proud of him he accomplished so much the last year and last ten years. As Brian said in the very well done doc he has become an incredibly accomplished man.
The last year he been finishing up the album in and out of the studio. He now working on a music video. He also worked hard at getting the business end of the album and a new record label.
He done the Oscar's and several TV appearances one abroad and 2 just this last week.
The documentary had many appearances of Adam with wonderful thoughtful commentary
He worked very hard on that album who his friend Alison said is his best album he ever put out. Getting an album takes alot of work especially if you are a perfectionist like Adam. Actually Rodger said Adam has become an incredable accomplished man not Brian and Rodger both said so many complementary things about Adam in that documentary I cant count them all.
He appearance in Vegas was a first for B and R and Adam. May have been a bit more than 7 months. QaL Oscar appearance was a first for the band as well how accomplished they all are.
This month he getting a single out it seems and a music video in the works.
Cannot wait for that album that he worked hard on and has been finishing up the last few months to come out.
He also I'm sure he has put his own ideas for the upcoming concert as he has always done. Like the bicycle race idea ect. Think he still putting finishing touches on the album
These things dont get done by themselves.
I'm thrilled Adam now has someone he seems to really care about and we should be happy for that because he went through a lonely time. He's also moved into his lovely new house that he acquired by working hard for the last ten years.

Sue Smith said...

I'm also so very pleased that he had some time to develope a solid personal life that he richly deserves and was missing in his life for a good while.
He seemscontent and happy and both seem to have professional lifes they enjoy as well. That's content and happy.

Rosepetal said...

Pictures like this are hard on me!!!! My eyeballs have fallen clean out of my head and I’m gonna be late for work putting them back in :)

Dee R Gee said...

I love Loaded Smile. It's such a powerful, personal, touching song. I loved when he sang it on the GNT. Linda Perry is really a big-time songwriter. Hope they're creating some music together.

And I love his hair all combed to the side and poofed up higher on his head. VERY sexy! I think he grew his hair long so that he could do all kinds of things with it, just like this. I don't see him cutting it any time soon, even for the QAL tour. I think we're gonna see him have a lot of new looks with his hair. All good fun, IMO!

Patria said...

His hair really does grow fast. If he could find the secret why, he could bottle it, sell it and double his fortune.

I love Loaded Smile too.

Lynn said...

I love the hair.

glitzylady said...

Just have to respond to your comment above.

Rock stars, both men & women, have been performing concerts for years with longer hair. Maybe he'll cut it, maybe he won't but, either way, he'll be wonderful as usual.

I'm pretty sure he grew it out because he wanted to, for himself, and no one else. Not to get fans to comment. We do just fine in that regard regardless of his hair, although it's fun to see his evolving looks over the years. (and I pretty much LOVE the look he's grown right now..yes, indeed..).

As for your comment: "He has basically done nothing for the last 7 months, except for a couple of one offs, and entertain his new boyfriend, and grow his hair.". I'm a bit speechless to think that would even be true. Wow. I was trying to decide if you were serious or you were just sort of joking because.. We aren't privy to everything he's been doing and I have to believe he's been VERY busy with a whole lot of things (finalizing his new album..for one..) besides his new boyfriend and growing his hair.. Adam isn't one to do nothing. He doesn't share every aspect of his busy life with us, as much as we would love to know what he's doing day to day.. And bless him and his new boyfriend. I'm so happy for Adam to have someone special in his life again. Considering the fact that he shared his deepest feelings with us in a letter to us awhile back in conjunction with the song from his new album "Feel Something". To know that he's happy and in love, is pretty darn special in my book. And that he shares his happiness with us is wonderful indeed.

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks, glitzlady. You nailed it.

blugram said...

Loaded Smile . . . . Love it . . .

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

BRAVA!! glitzylady .... I was both annoyed & flabbergasted at @Annemarie ... that comment sounds like NO Glambert ever has on this site & I'm equally surprised that you were the only one to address the "snarky" comment!! Sorry ... I couldn't keep my yap shut or should I say my fingers still so I had to give you a big ***BRAVO***!! I hope ADAM doesn't see this & I quite frankly think it should be deleted .. but that's up to you!! From here on in I shall make it a point to scroll by any comments from her!!

I LOVE ADAM's hair, cavalier lifestyle ('bout time he took some time out of his life for himself) & I think his "love life" is HIS .. I have absolutely no business telling him how to live it!! I'm just glad that ADAM feels close enough to his fans to share it with us!! OK!! 'nuff said by this fan!!

I LOVE YOU!! ADAM!! UNCONDITIONALLY!! Take as much time as you need with this Glambert's blessing!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Angeladam said...

Anne Marie yes it could look like he hasn't done much over the past 7 months, and that's fine it's your opinion, (I wouldn't get all upset over that comment tbh like some on here !) BUT me personally, I'm hoping he WAS slogging away on his new album and single, which he has been promising since the New Year, I don't think he's finished it yet tbh, he seems to be meeting up with different songwriters so hopefully, it will be out before the QAL tour !! I actually love Adam's hair long, but then I was a hippie in my youth lol !
Yes his personal life is personal, yet when he ( not so much) but Javi puts daily posts and videos ( one where he's topless and doing a selfie obviously from their bedroom) and writing about every day stuff, no wonder people comment about it, I think they OR especially Javi should just fame it down a bit, As we're always reminded this is an Adam blog site !!

Sue Smith said...

Ok I'll remind you both again AA and
annemarie this is an Adam Lambert blog site you got that part right. It's not a snarky site it's not a constant bash Adam's BF site either.
Did you not read what GL daid to AA and AM on the post that Javi stated he had a bad week and that extreme hate post erupted. It was probably off of here before you came on here today. Part of it was a strong suggestion that if you are tired of Javi and detest his posting on Instagram why not stop going there in the first place. No one forcing you to look or read any of the mand posts. Because after you on his Instagram you come back here a trash the hell out of him for no real reason.
It's his Instagram he can stand on his head juggling Pharoah if he wants to and post it. If you dont like it as GL said on that other post dont go on the mans Instagram if you dont like him but most peoe do on here or at least they don't go on critical rants about the man. Correction people and man.
These post today these comments of yours and AM pale in comparison to that last hate fest you had when Javi dared to say he said he had a bad week however that was mostly AA who rarely said one decent thing about him.
It's fine you dislike him but I do and others like him and respect Adam enough not to say hurtful things about him.

But again you are trying your best to demean the man. It his Instagram post he can handle it his own way. Because frankly it's getting almost unbearable to listen to any more. As GL also suggested if you dont like a post just scroll down because if he says boo on there your gonna go off on him.

LAMBERT OUTLAW I beg to differ my two earlier posts are nothing but taking up for Adam. I just did not mention the name of AM. I think I'll take my own advice and skip these 2 people posts from now on it to upsetting. Because this is I repeat an Adam Lambert site yes indeed it is. Yep that's what it is.

Sue Smith said...

Was not referring to skipping you LAMBERTOutlaw.

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