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Adam Lambert Will Begin Promo For His New Single "New Eyes" Soon In Australia, UK, Germany "Before The QAL Tour"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, May 17, 2019

Posted at : Friday, May 17, 2019

Adam Lambert Will Begin Promo For His New Single "New Eyes" Soon In Australia, UK, & Germany "Before The QAL Tour"

It's been confirmed (see the tweet from @auspOp below, and the quote posted below it) that Adam will be doing some promo for his new single 'New Eyes' and to "plug the upcoming release of his fourth studio album 'Velvet'.."

And in two tweets at the bottom of this post, Adam's publicist, Shoshanna Stone, confirms he'll be doing promo in the UK (London) and Germany as well.. Stay tuned for more news about Adam promoting his solo music!

QUOTE from the @auspOp article (click on the link in the tweet to read more...)
International pop powerhouse Adam Lambert has confirmed he’ll be heading down under for an Australian promotional tour. Hot on the heels of the release of his latest single ‘New Eyes’ (cover above, video below), Adam’s confirmed he’ll be on the ground in Australia next month to promote it. “I wanted my first single to reflect my current state of mind and to bring listeners into a romantic, earthy vibe,” he says of the song. “‘New Eyes’ is a love letter to innocence and to finding new passions.” Naturally, he’ll also be using the opportunity to plug the upcoming release of his fourth studio album ‘Velvet’, due later this year. And he’s also been locked in to appear on the Finale of ‘American Idol’ this Sunday night (US time).

Tweets that confirm upcoming promo in the UK and Germany

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Mi Re La said...

It has just been announced on UK tv that #AdamLambert is to appear on Good Morning Britain next Tuesday to talk about his new single #NewEyes @GMB

glitzylady said...

We posted a thread about that earlier on the blog today.. Here's the thread with two videos etc..

Video Clip Of Adam Lambert's "New Eyes" On UK's "Lorraine" Today + Adam Will Appear On "Good Morning Britain" May 21, 2019

Mi Re La said...

I'm sorry Glitzylady, I saw lots of news about Adam in the last few hours that I started to mess up.

Dee R Gee said...

So glad to hear that Adam will be doing promo in OZ! They love him there. And the Good Morning Britain is great news, too!

New Eyes seems to be getting a pretty good reception in world markets. Hope it keeps picking up speed. I am streaming and viewing when I can and I am loving the audio-only. The lyrics are clearer to me. I hope his Idol performance of the song is crystal clear. Those lyrics are lovely and hopeful.

glitzylady said...

It's very hard to keep up with all the Adam news, that's for sure! I just wanted to let people know that we had the info here on the blog, with vids.. etc.. I appreciate your sharing the news too!

Sue Smith said...

Great news. I have been streaming the official video did quite a bit last night. Will due more. Have stuff coming up this weekend however do ad much as I can. Cant wait to see Adam on Idol this Sunday got to get home in plenty time. Also set to record.

Dee R Gee said...

Good Morning Britain
Good Morning America
and more promo to come!
I am ready!

Sunflower said...

How wonderful he's starring to promote his new single more and more.

Nanbert said...

"International Pop Powerhouse"....has a good sound. Although I don't think of him as Pop...more like Rock... or....maybe "International Vocal Powerhouse" is more accurate. Adam shouldn't be confined to a genre!