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Adam Lambert Tweet & IG: "09.28.19 #POWERTHEMOVEMENT" (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, July 29, 2019

Posted at : Monday, July 29, 2019

OMG ... what's dis...?!?  There is no further information except some speculation that this has something to do with a nonprofit organization called Bankers Without Borders because their slogan is Power The Movement, like maybe a massive benefit concert.  But nothing on their website, Twitter or Facebook, so could be completely unrelated.  Hm.

UPDATE (7/29/19): Thanks to the super sleuthing abilities of our glitzylady, we are 99% certain that this event is the annual Global Citizen Festival, which is held annually around the world but frequently has been in Central Park in New York City.  The event's website is HERE but has not been updated for this new event yet.  We'll keep you posted.  We've also included Brian's IG about, below.

AND: Global Citizen has put an announcement on their website about "redeeming points to win tickets to see Queen + Adam Lambert" while still having no formal announcement of the event elsewhere on the site.  I think someone in the organization posted that prematurely.  

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Sunflower said...

OMG yes broddybounce! I saw this on my twitter feed! I'm dumb at the moment because I can't think of any "world's iconic landmark", I mean I know but I'm so nervous and my mind is blank! Brian says maybe another "Live Aid"? Ugh the guys aren't saying much yet! Wonder if it can be televised Brian says it's huge! Here we go again the waiting game! Hahaha

Patria said...

Here's what Brian says on his Instagram

Announcement !!! 💥💥💥💥 More details soon. This is a big one. 💥💥💥💥 What is it ? Think: Solving Earth’s most urgent problems. Think: “ COULD THERE BE A 21st CENTURY #LiveAid ? ” Bri

Patria said...

Sunflower think of it as exciting anticipation. This ad is great.

glitzylady said...

A bit more info although still nothing firming up the location or event:

Roger Taylor posted same info & video on his Instagram page:

and also included a link to another IG account, which is this case is to

@glblctzn on Instagram

Global Citizen
Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030.

So clearly a concert event to help end extreme poverty by 2030..

No doubt we'll know more soon! VERY curious to know which of the "world's most iconic landmarks" it will be! Exciting!

Nanbert said...

Goodness! That's certainly a dramatic and exciting announcement......about whatever? It seems to me that the EARTH's most urgent problem is...GLOBAL WARMING?...TRUMP?haha

In deference to Brian, I might say Saving Badgers, but they're not considered a planetary problem .. The original "Live Aid" was for Aids, but that's at least controllable now. However, it IS still a terrible problem in many less developed parts of the world.

I'll bet on Climate Control.....and Brian intimates that there might be a #Live Aid-type event, which might mean a big rock concert simultaneously broadcasting all around the world?.....or not!

Iconic landmark??..... Statue of liberty?.. Eiffel Tower?.. Sphinx?.. Westminister Abbey?.. Roman Colosseum?.. Radio City Music Hall?.. Graceland?.. Grand Canyon?..Trump Tower?..Great Wall of China?.. Hollywood?.. Times Square?..Madison Square Garden?

Well, it's fun to speculate.....but better to know!

glitzylady said...

Just wondering if you saw the comment with info I posted a little earlier re what we may know about the event, based on a hint from Roger Taylor on Instagram .. directly above your comment here 😊

Nanbert said...

Glitzylady...our comments seemed to have arrived at the same time! If I had read yours...containing more info...I wouldn't have bothered with mine. LOL

However, it seems like there are an awful lot of things about our planet that needs saving and improvement ....mankind has pretty well ruined it!

The only good thing about being my age is that I won't be around to see the end....but I hate knowing that maybe my children and almost certainly my granchildren will the rate things are going now.

Sunflower said...

You guys and gals, I found out this will take place in New York!

Sunflower said...

Me again, I'm not sure but I read Central Park! I remember in the past many artists have performed there, once Diana Ross performed in the rain, I watched this concert on PBS. So that's that! Lol

Sue Smith said...

I just wrote a pretty good comment that got lost some way.
I agree this planet needs much attention and help for future generations. Global warming has been ignored among other problems.
There is extreme poverty all over this world and America. So many natural disasters ect. That has left people homeless and starving among many other reasons for extreme poverty.
If it is as big as it seems it is possible it will be televised. Guess we will find out soon. Central park? Guess will see. QAL is huge right now so should bring in a huge about of concert goers where ever it ends up at.

glitzylady said...

I've seen Central Park in NYC as one of the places they have held the festival.. Other places include Hamberg, Germany, Johannesburg, South Africa, Montreal, Quebec.. It's been held more times in NYC than in other locations..

It seems that the official announcement has not been made yet.. It's not on the Global Citizen official website as of yet.

And re my post earlier today with Queen's Roger Taylor's post re his post on Instagram, the same one that Adam, Queen Official etc. has made, he has removed the link to Global Citizen's Instagram page.. I'm assuming he sort of "jumped the gun" so to speak on his inclusion of their site..

NYC's Central Park seems a good guess but still not "official" as far as I can see..

Although various sources are pointing to New York City as the location for the event.. It includes other meetings etc. during that week of the 28th..

It makes total sense to think it's in NYC..

Dee R Gee said...

Veeery interesting! And very BIG NEWS! Sounds like a very significant concert venue that will likely be a world-wide broadcast. And Adam is a part of it with Queen. This is SO EXCITING! I wonder who else is involved?

Sue Smith said...

Adam's half Album coming out Sept.also a more bombastic song as described in Sept. Probably one that would fit in more with the Queen music. Hopefully he may get to sing it with the mysterious concert. Think he known about this awhile Adam that is. It's just us still pretty much in the dark. Even if he does not sing the single just being on tv on a grand scale will help hopefully. I hope it is a prime network if televised PBS good to but just hoping. Cannot hurt to hope.
Going to stream this evening Adam's music. I only have a phone I use to stream ones with computers can certainly do more. But I'll do my part best I can. I'm sure ones with computers every one but me.

Dee R Gee said...

Heard maybe Central Park, NYC.

And yes, thanks, Sue. Adam's new music will debut in September. New single and album. Are we ready to give him our all? I think so.

Patria said...

At the risk of showing total ignorance is it possible for this event to be held at the 9/11 Memorial site?

Dee R Gee said...

Patria, that could be the case, too, but it's not a big enough space for a big concert. Also, I guess I still don't understand completely. Is this a multi-act concert or just QAL? Still a bit confused.

I'm still thinking it will be in Central Park. They have huge concerts there.

glitzylady said...

Here's the official Global Citizen Festival website.. They have not yet added the Sept. 28th 2019 event to their website but you can see the other shows up until now.

They always include multiple acts. Seems QAL would be the headliners for this one.. The festival when in NYC typically draws 60,000 in the live audience

The last show in NYC in Central Park on the Great Lawn included: Sept. 29, 2018 (note that there are other locations worldwide, including a festival in Berlin in May 2019, and many more previously worldwide..)

Shawn Mendes, The Weednd, Janet Jackson, Cardi B, Janelle Monae, with special guest John Legend
Hosted by Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman.

glitzylady said...

And in looking at the Global Citizen website I linked above, it seems that each concert in various countries in various years has various needs they focus on i.e. hunger, fighting AIDS, TB, & Malaria, every girl's right to learn, the environment, fighting extreme poverty, the fight to end Polio, etc...

For instance, in 2017 the concerts theme was

"For Freedom, For Justice, For All"

Patria said...

I don't even know what size it is. I was wondering if it was to small. Thanks DRG and glitzy lady. So right now it's still anyone's guess.

glitzylady said...

From what I was seeing on the website, it would seem the Sept. 28th show will be in NYC in Central Park, but waiting for the confirmation..

annemarie said...

I believe it was updated about 45 minutes ago, and it is listed to be as glitzylady said, in NYC in Central Park. Not sure how they raise money, because I think the concerts are free to watch, after an $18 entrance fee to the park. There are usually several concerts represented, with speakers etc. Only QUAL is listed so far, but there will be others announced soon.. Be nice if they had the closing time slot. The park is open until 1am. Might be nice for Adam to show Javi more of some more tourist sites, the statue of Liberty etc. Maybe have a little vacation out of it.

annemarie said...

The speakers around the park will be advocating donations for the cause.

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks for the clarification, glitzy. Sounds logical to me. And since it is a multi-act event, it will be fantastic if QAL is the feature act. It seems like that is the plan.

How fantastic it will be for thousands of people to see Adam in action, people who have never heard him, seen him or even sought him out before. Incredible exposure!

And the important cause that the even is supporting makes it even more worthy.
Can't wait to hear more details.

Nanbert said...

Here's an article I ran across about this mystery...hope nobody already posted and it and I missed it!

Patria said...

Thanks Nanbert. The article is new to me. I'm sorry we found out already it's Central Park. I was hoping for the Pyramids as mentioned in this article or the first iconic place that came to me was the Great Wall of China. ^_^ We all have our own idea of iconic.

It doesn't matter I'm not gonna get to go unless it's here in Iowa. Ha Ha!
The important thing is it will a great opportunity for Adam and Queen. Rock on guys! I'm looking forward to the event wherever it's at.

Nanbert said...

I bet, before we knew more about the location, that everyone was frantically hoping that the "iconic place" would be somewhere near them.....I know, I was...but just couldn't think of any! LOL