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CONCERT REVIEW ROUND-UP: Queen + Adam Lambert, More Los Angeles + Tacoma & Vancouver

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, July 22, 2019

Posted at : Monday, July 22, 2019

credit: Nick Agro

Nice review of the Los Angeles Forum show in the Daily News:
"Adam Lambert...has an extravagance and energy that evokes Mercury ... (and) tremendous stage presence..."


credit: Bojan Hohnjec/Miracle Productions

Nice overview in Billboard:
"...there’s no denying (Lambert's) immense talent and star power ... “Somebody to Love” showcased (his) effortless vocals and incredible range ... The set took a particularly bad-ass turn when Lambert changed into a decked-out leather jacket and sat atop a rotating motorcycle for “Bicycle Race.” His playfulness complimented the song perfectly..."


credit: Bojan Hohnjec

One of the two Hollywood showbiz rags, Variety, reviewed the concert, although the writer seemed to be more interested in impressing Hollywood executives by his overstylized, cynical flourishes rather than just crafting a well-written, straightforward piece.  In fact, he was very generic about Adam, and there is nothing quotable of any significance.  Of course, he did have to add:  "It wasn’t earth-shattering stuff, but reboots rarely are."  Oh, really...?!  Wait til we all get to the comments section!!  :) But, this all being said, at least the piece has an overall positive slant to it.  Hm, ok.


The one other review from Los Angeles was in Forbes magazine, a stellar piece!, which glitzylady posted about here:


credit: Bill Bungard
Another wonderful review, this for the Seattle/Tacoma date from the Tacoma Weekly:
" of the best arena rock shows I have seen to date.  ...  (Lambert) looks like he is mirroring the offspring of a young Elvis/George Michael. ... The chemistry among Lambert, May and Taylor was evident; I truly believe that Lambert reminds them of the memory of Freddie.  Taylor starts pounding out “Under Pressure” on the drums and Lambert syncs in.  If I had any question of Lambert’s vocals, they were dissipated when he hit the high notes of the song.  Afterward, Taylor high-fived Lambert, acknowledging the synchronicity that just occurred."


And another stellar review of this show was in the Seattle Times, which glitzylady also wonderfully recapped in another post, here:


credit: Gerry Kahrmann / PNG

The Vancouver Sun writer decided to list his five high points of the concert, one of which was simply titled "Adam Lambert."  That being said, this is not the best piece, he doesn't appear to have anything good to say about Adam, there is nothing significant to quote, and his shade on Adam's wardrobe for the show's first segment is completely uncalled for.  There is a very nice 8-pic photo scroll, however, and I chose the one above to suggest Adam throwing this reviewer a big kiss goodbye!


credit: Ryan Johnson
With a title like "Queen + Adam Lambert Shine as Mercury’s in Retrograde" you can't go wrong.  The Vancouver Weekly's Matthew Van Deventer wrote a glowing piece on the tour opener!
"Lambert is evidently a winning addition, helping sell out the first leg of North American shows with the promise of a nostalgic punch laced with new-age glam.  ...  Fans ate up Lambert’s cocky confidence.  ...  From throwing a wink and a kiss to the crowd to scissor kicking sequin heels over the back of a Harley-Davidson during Bicycle, Lambert is a natural showman. There’s an undeniable energy he brings to the stage and it’s matched with a vocal range that gives life to a catalogue of songs that are mostly older than Lambert himself."


Toronto's The Globe And Mail decided to also cover the Vancouver date -- and turned a non-believer, into a believer!  Great review!  (No photos accompanying the piece.)

"Call me a cynic, or a stickler, or unimaginative, but it’s been difficult for me to see the point of going to a Queen concert fronted by someone who isn’t Freddie Mercury. ...  Then...I attended the first show of the Rhapsody Tour, with Queen and Adam Lambert. ... And I was sold. ... (Lambert) did not attempt any sort of impersonation.  He brought his own thing, his A-game stage presence, his fine voice, his infectious swagger. ... He was himself, and with that approach, Queen + Adam Lambert brought Freddie Mercury back to life for thousands of us..."


A third review of Q+AL's North American tour opener in Vancouver was done by the very Q+AL-friendly magazine, Ultimate Classic Rock (UCR).  I covered that in a previous post here:


And I also previously posted the Phoenix/Scottdale review by the Arizona Republic:


broddybounce said...

I have more to say about the VARIETY review which I almost left on the actual post but decided last minute to pull it and put it here in a comment, which is more appropro. Here are my further thoughts on that review and the writer's cynicism and lack of praise, or generic praise, of Adam...

For one, the review is titled "Queen and Adam Lambert Capitalize on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’" and, within the review is this: "The success of that film sparked this year’s 'The Rhapsody Tour'..." We all know Q+AL has been selling out arenas all over the world since 2014 and does not require a promotional lead-in from a Hollywood movie, as wonderful as BoRhap was, in order to be successful. It was not because of the film that this tour is occurring, they just happened to take place one after the other. So that's a bit over-sensationalized and misleading.

Also, with both Hollywood trade magazine Variety and The Hollywood Reporter (which chose not to review this time around), every time there is a new Q+AL tour and they cover it, they have a line like this: "... once again tapping “American Idol” alum Lambert to fill the Mercury role." When are these Hollywood hacks going to stop this nonsense? It's been 10 years since Idol and 8 years since Adam teamed up with Brian & Roger, so please get off that horse already!

And, finally, if y'all would look at the comments section of this article. The very first one is someone lamenting Adam's participation and hawking, yet again, for Marc Martel. Martel is a gifted singer -- and I would emphasize singer and not performer -- but he doesn't even come close to Adam insofar as dynamism, charisma, stage presence and overall vocal ability and, besides that, Brian & Roger have stated repeatedly they don't want a Freddie impersonation which, I'm sorry to say, and, again, as talented as Martel is, that that is essentially what he is doing. I would hasten to encourage anyone who is in the mood to do so to write a rebuttal in the comments section of the article!

Dee R Gee said...

broddy, thank you so much for all the reviews! The majority of them are extremely positive, and they're written by people who get it.

I always get a kick out of reviewers who think they are just too cool to be impressed. They don't want to appear to be too easily pleased. They think their inane nit-picking makes them somehow critically sophisticated, letting everyone see how knowledgeable they are and how they notice things that the rest of us aren't smart enough to see.

The QAL shows should wash over you like a wave of joy. That's it. That's how most people feel it.

Patria said...

So much of these reviews makes me want to tear my hair out. What appears new to me on this tour is the lack of acknowledging Adam's vocal prowess. Also the timing of the tour (a free standing sellout success) and movie has bundled them together and is not a good thing for the reputation (probably a bad word but can't think of another) tour. IMHO

Sue Smith said...

I certainly gave a comment and a good one. Especially about Adam and of course the others as well. I've read some reviews that have given great respect and acknowledgement of Adam vocals and crazy and magnificent range.
I couldn't read them all the comments jumping every where. Just about all I read was loving the show and putting the reviewer down. So ovious this was no review it was about getting clicks on the article no matter how mad people were.
The MM guy did say good things about the show. But he saw MM 250 person show he recommended both. Saying MM said he would not do the concert as flamboyant forgot actual word used but this what he meant as FM did or AL. That was probably why they didn't use him. No they dont want an impersonator. But dont worry they were all.straightening him out. Said he highly recommended both. Someone said while QAL was in LA MM was doing a free show in orange county. I did not say it one commenter after other all for Queen and Adam.
Most saying it was not a review of the show they saw what show were you at most likely not QAL. Videos are wonderful but will never give the true thrill of being there. This is for Mr broddybounce. Thank you for pointing this mess of a non review out. There giving it to them please more comments just stay positive and how you feel about Adam. Thank you

Sue Smith said...

God Bless you broddybounce you are such a faithful glambert. I have total respect for you and all you do. Yes for all the posters as well.

broddybounce said...

Thanks, guys, you are welcome -- this post took more than a minute to put together, so I appreciate it. And I just went to the comments section for the Variety piece and saw your comment there, Sue -- great! Funny, the Marc Martel comment that I was referring to above ... is gone!! The fellow must have been getting too much flak and decided to run like a scared rabbit and delete it. He was not complimentary AT ALL about Q+AL but instead a MM cheerleader. The other one that's in there about MM that you are referring to, Sue, is NOT the one I was referring to -- indeed, as you indicated, this one, by Pat Tee, is ALL complimentary to Q+AL!

Sue Smith said...

Broddybounce it must have been off when I commented. I did not see it on there With my post was 18 comments that comment section was jumping all over the place. So only kept seeing 4 or 5 of same comments.
I'm pretty sure there was no Glambert tears wasted on the fact that commenter left. It does not seem to me the reviewer and I use that term very,very loosely in deed, even went to the concert. If they did they were watching another one on there phone or tablet or something that so called review is just off YT videos. The videos are very good that's all I have seen. I honestly dont see how any person could get this mess of a review even off a video. To me the variety on line is always poorly written at least most of the time. It prints things they no nothing about like this one. This person May have gone to the concert. However it seems like that person was not reviewing what most all saw on that stage. One commenter ask what show did you go to?
The concert for the very MOst part and Adam has been getting really great reviews. There are always going to be a couple with a pre Concert agenda Variety is now worse than the Enquirer and this stupid so call review is not the first mess they put up.
There facts are often old and not accurate at all kind of depends who writting it. This person was clueless.
However this is not the first time they have ignored the truth to get hits on the article. They dont care I believe if the posters are good or bad they just want the hits on the article.
If it was as good as most have been they would get a few thank you and that's it. This way they will get more angry ones or otherwise. The ones I saw were on QAL side.
MM fans follow Adam's videos and all comment sections to put down Adam who is fantastic doing these show. Only to build up MM. Oviously what Brian said about FM impersonators they will never ever tour with any one of them, did not stick in some heads.
Thank you for the post. I did not think that was the one the post you were referring to but at the time I did not see another. Thanks for pointing me to that article. We do need to have Adam's back on stuff like this. Other wise people who have not seen it yet might take it to be true. Not a bit true at all.
He is down right spectacular even better that the others and that is really saying something. In my opinion he never been less that great at these QAL concerts and these newer costumes are gorgeous.

Sue Smith said...

I meant to say in my opinion Adam is even better than the previous shows not tbe others in the band. That certainly is saying alot.

broddybounce said...

Sue, I couldn't agree with you more! How anyone can think there's anything negative about a Q+AL concert, is way beyond me. Thanks for all your wonderful insights! And, the person who posted completely in favor of MM must have taken it down not long after I saw it last night... He knew he was wrong! lol

Angeladam said...

These so called reviewers surely must have seen QAL concerts before,a friend of mine went over last year to see them in the US and Australia, but she's just seen the latest two concerts in LA, and said in her opinion, this tour was even better than the last which was incredible with Adam pulling more stops out than ever !! so these MM fans are they just plain stupid? or MM blinkered ? yes he can sing, but not even in the same universe as Adam talent wise or showman wise !!

Sue Smith said...

Thank you broddy. I'm oviously not as internet smart as most here. In the future you need me to comment just point me to it. I am more than happy to do it.
I know some say to ignore that stuff and there may be times you should. However when they are just totally off there cookie like this one and completely unfair to the spectacular performances like this I say it's time to stand up to them.
I totally think that was purposely done to get more hits on the article so I guess we are doing what they want. However it's only fair to be there to support Adam and all the Queen guys and I always will the best I can.
That is what fans are for in my opinion. The Forbes review is wonderful however it seems like in LA there always one smarties pants reviewer that's hell bent on not giving QAL their just reviews for their fabulousness. This review needed a trash can lol.

Sue Smith said...

There is a wonderful review from LA weekly about Adam and the entire show. I believe it's different from the LA ones that are up like LA news. It is a fantastic review. If there Is not a link to it sure it will be up soon.
I'm pretty sure it's different have not had time to look at each review here.
Taking daughter in law that was hurt to Austin for appointment. We have 3 between us tomorrow husband still having breathing problems and weak. They have him on crazy amount of medicine make any body weak dont know.
Rather going with her and then my husband and I have all day dr. Appointments tomorrow. Hopefully I will get to see some videos this weekend of the Houston show coming up.
I have read most of the reviews but not all. In car writing this.
This LA weekly one that I'm pretty they were actually at the show is very good.
Quite complementary saying Adam is phenominal. Probably everyone's read it already. Loved it just read on way back with my husband and Cindy daughter in law.

broddybounce said...

Thanks, Sue -- I did find it and just posted it -- and then found your comment here -- but thank you!!

Sunflower said...

Broddybounce and my Glamily here, I think what's going on with the Adam haters and MM fans is one word; JEALOUS! Queen with Adam has been an ultimate success right from the beginning! It was Destiny that brought them together, written in the stars! Anti-Adam people can't stand seeing how successful it has been, tremendous shows selling out with phenomenal performances all over the globe and the joy on Brian's and Rogers and Adams faces! Haters don't want that, all they can do is "whine, whine, whine"! So why bother to go to sites where there's videos on QAL just to trash them! Because they're watching them too! Hypocrites I tell you. Yep, those people are JEALOUS!

Rosemary White said...

Adam v. Freddie, Adam v Marc Martel .... ENOUGH!!! Let's concentrate on ADAM period!!!

Nanbert said...

Sunflower....of course they're jealous. The Marc Martel fans seem to think if they keep trashing Adam and extolling Marc's abilities, that Brian and Roger will suddenly realize that MM would be the better frontman, and they will dump Adam and take Marc aboard as frontman. But, of course, we know that won't happen. In fact, they've made Brian and Roger angry by their remarks.

The worse part is that at every opportunity on the internet...on Adam videos and QAL videos, they say nasty things about Adam....not only that Marc is better...but also trash Adam's voice! Trash Adam's voice!...the best current male singer on the planet! When people who are not familiar with MM or Adam continually read those remarks, they might often begin to believe them.

Very often when I see an MM fan trashing Adam's voice, I will add my own comment to set them straight. As a Glambert, I feel I can't let their insults stand uncorrected!

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White...Sorry you're bored. But the above has all been about Adam, too. If you don't care for this particular subject, feel perfectly free to move on.