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From Creative Sharka: Adam Lambert Fan Art! New chibi @adamlambert #comininhot theme, single cover

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, July 7, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, July 07, 2019

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Adam does love boots. Big red boots!

Lam-My said...

Funky doosie dooo wah!

Daddy you forgot to wear your pants...I can what is that...You look like a leopard with the spots. So what happened to your are we going down for a run...

Come, let's's hot out there, this will keep me cool and frisky.

Hiker at Runyon:
Hello! what happened to your pants? I like your red boots and hat.

See Daddy, you are attracting a lot of attention...oh, maybe this can start a new trend. Comin in hot...Comin in hot...Owoooooh...

Pharaoh, I see you like my new song...

Ooooeeeh! tippy toe tippy toe up and down the Runyon road...marking my territory as I go...piss piss...


Lam-My said...

Portland Oregon USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #oregon11 ... @GlaryRandy Jul 1

Wah! Huge Truck and Roll Go Go Go!

P/s They should be in Vancouver now, on stage.

@DrBrianMay Jul 6
Tour Ready !!! Well, almost ! This is me about to perform our ‘Stagger Through”. We’ve now put in 6 days solid production rehearsals for our QAL tour of North America and Beyond. Long days, hammering out new pieces…

krismidas said...

Has Adam stopped wearing pants?!?!

Lam-My said...

QAL convoy rumbles and trundles
All ready to entertain thousands in world arenas
Not only do they bring love and peace 
Watching Super Frontman is the ultimate treat
His uplifting tenor transcends all creeds
Takes you wherever you need 
Uphill, downhill, Truck N Roll, their itinerary home 
A fraternity so brave, bold and close
A little nomadic, like cowboys they roam
With preparations meticulous to the bone
Taking them across myriad time zones 
Wheels of fortune, far from home
Hi Pharaoh! How are you doing? 
Who Wants To Live Forever
The Show Must Go On
I Want To Break Free, my favourite piece
Radio Ga Ga, clap clap camaraderie 
With latest addition, humanoid Frank conducting
This...Freddie will never know
At times Brian is brought to tears 
Roger is all eyes and ears
Watching for Adam's hand
Up it goes...down comes the Roger drum roll...
Brian, Roger, Adam...3 roving Maestros
Touch hearts, minds and souls, anyway the wind blows...

(November 4, 2017 at 11:18 pm - previous N American Tour)

Lam-My said...

The QAL world tour 2017...the N American leg was in June and so my poem Nov 4, they were in Europe. Actually I wrote quite a few Truck and Roll poems; maybe I like trucks haw haw! πŸ›€️πŸš›πŸššπŸŒ†

Okay, now awaiting videos of 2019 Rhapsody Tour. 🎸πŸ₯πŸŽ€πŸŽΉπŸŽ­

Patria said...

Ha Ha Ha!

Nanbert said...

Maybe Sharka just forgot to paint the legs?...or ran out of paint? Not only that but the red boots look like 2 left feet or two right feet...can't decide which. Goodness!

Patria said...

Or they're just on the wrong feet Nanbert

Sunflower said...

Oh but look at the legs on this man! Boots are cute.

Rosemary White said...

WOAH!!! CreativeSharka has outdone herself again. Love the quirkiness.

Angeladam said...

Lam-My you're so clever with your words, can just imagine Adam in that outfit with no pants !!

Lam-My said...

Wah, I couldn't get past you! Actually, I was trying very hard not to come across as perverted. Looks like my hormones are still functioning, but struggling to stay on course. lol! Thank you Angeladam for coming in hot! lol! You are quite witty.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š

Nanbert said...

I've always wondered why Chi-bis have no fingers, no toes and no nose. But now it appears they have no knees either! haha