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FLASHBACK: Adam Lambert Performs Elvis and George Michael and Cher

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I was looking back at several of the posts of the reviews of the Queen + Adam Lambert tour and saw again the quote from the Tacoma Weekly Review where the writer said:
"...(Lambert) looks like he is mirroring the offspring of a young Elvis / George Michael."
And it made me think about Adam's having been compared to both of those artists several times in the past — and then his subsequent performances of songs by those very same artists.

With the Elvis comparison, well that's pretty fresh in our minds.  Besides his mini-tribute to Elvis every night during "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," we all saw his exciting appearance earlier this year on NBC's Elvis All-Star Tribute, performing "Blue Suede Shoes."

As for George Michael, you may remember that Adam performed "Faith" on a summer-only television series called ABC's Greatest Hits in August 2016...

...which was followed almost exactly one year later by an oh-so-lovely tribute he did for George, eight months after he passed, as part of a benefit for the LA-based AIDS charity, Project Angel Food.

And, finally, with Cher, there was also a reference to her in one of the Q+AL reviews.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's critic, Melissa Ruggieri, said in her recent terrific piece on the Atlanta concert the following:
"Numerous highlights emerged from the brisk set...Lambert’s silver fringe vest and tight pants that would make Cher envious..."
Although Adam may have costumes (or, better said, costume changes) in common with Cher he, unlike Elvis and George, in no way resembles or sounds like the diva herself.  But, he is a big fan of hers and we all know well Adam's highly praised performance of "Believe" for Cher at The Kennedy Center Honors earlier this year — which, as it so happens, Adam just put up on his YouTube page yesterday.

(FYI, both glitzylady and admin_fan created several posts on AL 24/7 News in months and years past surrounding all four of these events.)

So, now that the tour is over and we have another week until the next big milestone in Adam's career the Sept. 4th debut of "Superpower," the first big single off his new album VELVET let's have some fun and take a look back at Adam performing Elvis and George Michael and Cher!

First, Adam performing "Blue Suede Shoes" on NBC's Elvis All-Star Tribute, which was broadcast on February 17, 2019:

Next is Adam performing George Michael's "Faith," with full backing band, on the ABC's Greatest Hits special, which aired August 4, 2016:

Then Adam did a George Michael tribute for Project Angel Food where he performed a stripped-down version of "Faith" and a gorgeous "One More Try," and, then finished it off with a Queen song that George had also performed at a Freddie Mercury tribute in 1992, "Somebody To Love."

And, finally, Adam's electrifying performance of "Believe," his portion of the tribute to Cher at The Kennedy Center Honors, broadcast on CBS on December 26, 2018.  (Why Adam posted this now and not back when the special aired is a mystery; however, this version has the Kennedy Center Honors logo, while the version we posted back in December did not, so perhaps this is newly released video from the Kennedy Center they gave to Adam.)


Dee R Gee said...

Wow! What a beautiful collection of videos to wake up to this morning! Each of these performances is an exquisite gem. Adam has always shines so brightly in all his one-off special performances. I hope he gets to do lots more of them.

Sunflower said...

Adam can sing anything! His version of Belive is gorgeous! I do see something of Elvis and George Michael in Adam! I still miss George and his voice but we have Adam now! Thanks for posting these performances, they're all so good!

Nanbert said...

Thanks so much for these convenient! I often visit them myself. Adam has such a perfectly trained and controlled voice that he can take it wherever he likes...and his inherent musicality enables him to change and embellish any song to a new and original concept...which is often better than the original! I feel lucky to experience his magic!

blu said...

George Michael, Elvis . . . . . To me Adam is Adam and no one has a voice like him!!!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Here's a Full Circle Moment of Believe for ADAM ....

2009 American Idol + 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

My how ADAM has evolved as a Super Star over the years .. just as GORGEOUS too!!

tes4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

A full circle indeed, Lambert Outlaw!

Has anyone besides me noticed the expressions on the faces, in the EYES, of Kara Dioguardi (American Idol) and Reba McEntire (Kennedy Center) when Adam sang "Believe"? They're identical!...mesmerized!

I know that feeling!