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Adam Lambert IG: "Superpower"- @the_knocks remix video by @djdigimark" & Adam's reply to a fan re his health: "my tummy"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, November 02, 2019

Adam Lambert IG: "Superpower"- @the_knocks remix video by @djdigimark" + Adam's reply to a fan re his health: "my tummy ;( "

Adam posted this on his Instagram on Friday, November 1st at 8:25 PM Pacific Time

Adam replied to a fan's concerned question: "Adam how are you, what is your sickness" Adam's reply: "my tummy ;( "

Hoping he's feeling better now! 

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Nanbert said...

Poor Adam! It seems one's tummy is usually the "achilles heel" when traveling. Especially since he probably had to eat "on the fly and in a hurry between the flurry of interviews he had during such a short time. Add lack of rest and jet-lag to that....and you've got problems!

Dee R Gee said...

Hope he's good to go tonight!

Mi Re La said...

I said from the beginning that Adam has a health problem, not that he is just tired from traveling.He has traveled often from one place to another especially when he is on tour and has canceled no events except when he was ill.Just a more serious health problem would make Adam not celebrate Halloween. I hope it will heal quickly and not cancel other events.

Patria said...

Adam needs to get to a doctor. Now.

EscorpioVelvet ;) 🇬🇧
13m13 minutes ago
Adam Lambert will not be performing tonight, still sick 🤒: Live In The Vineyard , that's all I know

Sue Smith said...

He came home then very next day had to go CBS studios and do Home for the Holidays tape it. He said he had an upset stomach. Like I said there was sickness all over the place at SCD. I was afraid he get sick again. He gets over something then has to fly every where. Its rough he has to cancel things but he 37 now not a kid that throws stuff off faster. Of course that's not old but it's no kid either.
My main concern is Adam as much as I wanted to hear him. I just hope he gets on his feet and able to stay home and out of a plane for a few days. I know he got stuff coming up. Sending Love to Adam who kept my spirits up through several major operations. He is the important thing now! Hope he gets to a doctor to get meds to get it all out of his system.

Patria said...

This canceling things has been going on too long. I'm scared for him and I am selfishly scared for me because I don't want anything bad for him.

Nanbert said...

Patria, I understand exactly what you mean....I'm worried for him... AND ME(selfishly), too.
Adam brings much joy into my life. I can't imagine it without him, and hope he recovers completely soon. Thank goodness for earlier videos on Youtube... but I want to see him LIVE!.. and know he is well and thriving!

Patria said...

Nanbert, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the way we do. He really has become a part of our lives and is bright spot in this awful political time.

Adam missing Halloween is not a good thing. Us Glamberts know that.

It is calming to know that all of us in this thread are on the same page.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Not much we can do but worry & think good thoughts I guess!! I've added prayers to that .. always talking to my best friend JESUS to help him HEAL soon so that ADAM can be his old happy self again!! I feel better when I do ... gives me a sense of calm!! I feel that I'm at least doing something about something I have no control over!! Keep the Faith Glam Sisters!!

Light, LOVE & Prayers for ADAM!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)