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Adam Lambert's "Believe" Is #5 On The iTunes Top 40 US Pop Songs Chart! (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Sunday, December 8, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, December 08, 2019

UPDATE (12/8/19): Our reader Patria pointed out that "Believe" was up to #4 on the below chart today; however, now, as of 7:30pm PST Sunday, it has returned to #5, still excellent.  FYI, this was a result of Lizzo's "Good As Hell" moving up to #4 (and pushing down Niall Horan's single below Adam's!).  Also, below, is the iTunes Top 100 (overall) Chart, where Adam is doing nicely at #8, although we are actually above Lizzo and below Niall on that one.  Again, thanks to Patria for the tip!



Lynn said...

Hello everybody. I have tickets to see Cher this 12/13/2019 at the smoothie King Center in New Orleans,La.. What a wonderful Christmas surprise it would be if Adam showed up on the stage to sing this too her. It would make my day. Saw QAL on August 20, and this would be the icing on the cake.

Nanbert said...

What great news! Adam's rendition of "Believe" is superb...and deserves to be NO.1! After all, it was No. 1 after Cher first introduced it, wasn't it? I hope Cher is pleased. Adam has just brilliantly reinterpreted it into a beautiful and more current ballad...a very remarkable and unique talent of his.

This only proves what I, and many others of us, have said....Adam is the King of Covers. In fact, I keep hoping that one day Adam will pick some favorite and timeless songs that are especially suited for his unequalled voice and inventive interpretation.....and make an album (or many) for his fans, the world, and his legacy.

Great music deserves to be performed and interpreted over and over by many different musicians...not confined and defined only by the first to introduce it! Where would Bach and Beethoven, etc. be then? Not to even mention the music of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and, last but not least, QUEEN!

We still see many dissenters who think Adam should never sing any music that was initially sung by Freddie Mercury. What a loss that would have been!

Lynn, I hope your wish comes true, and Adam turns up at your Cher concert. What a thrill that would be! If he does, I sure hope someone gets a good video of it for us.

Dee R Gee said...

"Believe" is rapidly becoming "Adam's song." This new recording has succeeded beyond all expectations! And I'm hoping that new people are discovering Adam's own music, too.

Wouldn't it be something if Adam DID show up at that Cher concert! What a moment that would be!

Adam breaths new life into everything he touches.

Patria said...

The Adam Lambert Connection
#Believe by
has risen to #4 on iTunes pop songs chart.… #iTunes Holding steady at #8 on iTunes Overall Songs chart

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert on L o r r a i n e, Dec 9

broddybounce said...

Thanks Mi Re La. I actually found this earlier this morning and watched it and then was about to post it -- but it has been removed. ITV found it and decided they don't want it up. Maybe it hasn't been finished being broadcast on ITV and they don't want it on YouTube. I don't know. Doesn't make sense. It's not like it's a full-length concert video. But once it does get reposted, we'll post it.

Sue Smith said...

Believe is still 8 overall. It is six now on itunes. Need to stream it and just get it out there anyway we can. I imagine Adam will sing it on his concerts this dec. That also goes for his album singles.
I've had alot going on physically lately so have not streamed as much but I will.

broddybounce said...

6:00pm PST: Adam dropped from #4 to #7 as of this moment on Pop. Dropped from #8 to #12 on the Overall. It's to be expected. HOWEVER... fingers and toes crossed that the radio stations will find this and it will get some traction ... please!

And I would love to hear from Shosh whatever happened to the October 'push' for "Superpower"...? Some of that may have coincided with Adam cancelling a lot of those appearances back then though.

What has been way much better to Adam than radio, in recent years, is television. Thank heavens those 'suits' at the networks recognize his immense talent and see how valuable (ratings!) he is. We have been bestowed with a bounty of pleasure from Adam on so many different shows and specials. It is wonderful.

AND: not to go back to a downer but "Playmobil" had one of the worst opening weekends of a film in recent history. AMC is now offering $5 tickets for it at its theatres (if you haven't seen it or want to see it again, you can take advantage of that -- I'm taking my sister this weekend). I think the decision to move the release date from the end of summer to holiday time was a very bad one. There was so much hype back then and now, unfortunately, it's died down and there is too much competition. I'm very, very sad about that.

annemarie said...

Has anyone noticed how much younger Adam looks lately? I think I know the reason, it is what a lot of fans have said before, that his beard makes him look older, he has shaved it way back and he looks about 10 years younger. I wonder if he saw that in comments, and didn't shave it all off but compromised. We can see more of his beautiful face now.

Sunflower said...

We just have to keep on streaming so " Believe " reaches #1 on both charts! Yesterday I went with my friend to see "It's a Wonderful Day in The Neighborhood", Mr. Fred Rogers story, it was a nice movie that involved a true story. At the theater I did see "Playmobile" on those posters and I want to see it but this morning in my local paper in an entertainment section in big black letters it said "Frozen at the top again and Playmobile was a flop"! The worst weekend opening! Ugh, how disappointing, I saw ZERO television promos for this :( Adam should of been in "Frozen"! :( If I don't see it, I'll but the DVD.

Sunflower said...

Buy NOT But the DVD. Lol

Sue Smith said...

Play Mobil was not promoted at all had no idea it was even out. That is why it flopped ridiculous. Do not understand why zero promotion. When it was talked about alot. What going on with promotion. It was a bad time with Frozen out other wise if promoted it would have been a good time
Adam song was fantastic in it. Sunflower at very early in tbe morning on the 9th it was 5. Durring day today it was 8 then this evening went back to 7 Adam's rendition of Believe.
Then the voice junk came on right after the show pushed it to 9. They up date every hour talking about Believe.
Wish he would or could go on tv and promote it, it would most likely go all the way up. But he is promoting Velvet.
Pretty sure he will sing it on the concerts he doing in dec.that will help with some who have not heard this rendition of Believe. The Play Mobil movie what's going on.
Adam could have even promoted on James Corden while he was there. However think there was some frozen promotion there. Adam has not even said a peep about the movie coming out.
They said back in August they were moving it to December so they could give it more promotion I guess ZERO promotion is more? Sorry but I am pissed off. I remember when it was suppose to come out in August the producer said they were going to have a premier in Beverly Hills. I thought sure they would wait a bit because of the big deal frozen which had all the promotion in the world. On any movie they send some of the people in the movie to promote it or the producer they did nothing I know of. Only a few trailers months ago. Do not get it. It will eventually go on tv. But dont understand the lack of promotion. I think the producer had trouble with distribution in America. How ever it's out so get people to go on shows to promote it geez.

Sue Smith said...

Frozen and the Tom Hanks movie about Mr. RODGERS had tons of promotion for months. I do not know why Adam has not mentioned it. I know he busy. They usually always send some actor from the movie to promote it. If not why not the producer/ director. I thought sure they would wait until the big deal frozen was gone.

Jean Renard said...

@annemarie.......You are so right on that Adam looks 10 years younger! Adam is in a tough environment in the music world and with the insane popularity of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, he can really take advantage of this new wave. I noticed at the QAL concert in August, 2019, in Sunrise, Florida, how many young people were in the audience. Adam will be 38 in January, 2020, but, when I converse with my students (in their early 20's), they guess him as much older. I asked them if they thought it was the longer beard and the immediate answer was, "yes". I sometimes wonder if men even know that beards age them much more. However, my own son, a very distinguished lawyer, tells me that he wears a beard to look older because when she shaves it off, he looks like he is in his early twenties, and he needs his clients to have confidence that he is not the new kid on the block in the firm. But, we all know by now that Adam is going to do as he d**n well pleases and will never bend to the desires of any persons. He follows his own star. And, that is OK, especially for us Glamberts but, I want him to stay very relevant with the young pop audience and looks do matter to them whether we like it or not. My mother always stated, "Do not judge a book by its cover", however, we all know in this day and age that that saying is as old as the word "melarky". Jean Renard

Nanbert said...

Oh my! When did "malarkey" get old? I guess I'm in the wrong century. It used to always be a perfectly serviceable word....and MUCH MORE POLITE than B--ls--t! hehe

BTW...I agree about Adam's beard...and have remarked on it myself before...the heavier it gets, the older he looks. He has such a handsome, classic's a shame to cover it too much. Also, good point, less beard would probably be more appealing to the younger crowd, especially since he keeps it so dark...almost a bit forbidding when it's very full (I assume he dyes it to match his black hair).

I've even thought that a bit lighter hair color (dark brown with some subtle highlights) might be warmer and more youthful....with more of a "scruff" than an actual full beard...would be nice.

I'm just glad to see Adam's hair shorter on top again....much neater!....didn't care as much for the long, "scrunched" (his description) hair hanging down over his face. It's probably much easier to care for, too.

But, as is so often pointed out....Adam will do as he d--n well wants, and that is as it should be. And, sooner or later each one's preferred style will come back around! However, I think he may pay some attention to comments by dedicated Glamberts....just like he asked us which songs we liked best from "For Your Entertainment"....testing the waters, so to speak. Possibly "market research" for what to include in his next tour?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Haha!! Malarkey .. name of Joe Biden's campaign tour!! Saw a news on the street video of the reporter asking the younger crowd .. young adults I guess .. what the word meant ... no one ... knew the meaning so finally the last young man that was asked .. what is malarkey .. said outright .. BullS**t & the reporter said is that what you think it means?? The guy answered .. No .. I'm talking about this whole question .. turned on his heel & walked away!! He didn't even know that he had hit the nail on the head!! I couldn't stop laughing at the look on her face!! Priceless!! Which goes to show that the youth of today aren't interested in the past or even exposed to it at home anymore!! SAD!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert .. Maybe if ADAM gets enough compliments from us about the shorter less gruffer look of his beard .. he'll keep it that way!! At least until he decides he wants to change it again!! That's our boy!! Gotta love him!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sunflower said...

I wish Adam to have NO facial hair! I miss his clean face, the day he shaves completely would make me happy but God knows if it'll happen. Haha

Sue...same with me, I thought it was rescheduled for December 27? Until yesterday at the theater I saw it announced with the show times and as luck would have it my friend not a Glambert, we saw the Mr, Rogers movie, I never saw any promos on televsion only for Frozen II and a couple of other animated movies. If it did badly at the box office, it might not last long at the theaters so most likely I'll buy the movie on DVD!

Reminder....Adam is appearing this Thursday the 12th at the XLO Almost Acoustic X Mas Show at Worcestor, Mass., at 8:00pm., according to my kitchen calendar! Hahaha. Broddybounce or Glitzady hopefully will post more info like streams etc.!

Rosemary White said...

Sunflower, ditto your comment re Adam's beard. I'm used to it but he's much more handsome without it. Maybe he'll never be clean-shaven again and that's his prerogative.

Nanbert said...

Actually, thinking of Adam pre-beard, I remember thinking that he was beautiful. However, after he added some scruff...and eventually a full seemed to lend itself to making him seem handsome, rather than beautiful...i.e. more masculine, I guess. Either way, he has smashing good looks!

But, I still agree, too full a beard makes him look older. Hope he decides to show off MORE of that gorgeous face again.....doesn't have to be completely clean-shaven (although that would be very nice, too).

Oh well, like the tide, Adam's appearance ebbs and flows! How lucky he is (and we are) that he still looks and sounds splendid whatever he does!

Sue Smith said...

This is just an opinion. They were suppose to do this in August. I do remember the promotion guy saying he wanted to give more attention to the Mobil movie. So it was moved to Dec. Yes it had alot of hype around the movie in August it was close to school starting but with good advertising it would have done well.
Adam or producer or it seems anyone not promoting the movie. I think they may have a law suit out on whoever was suppose to promote, distribute it I am talking about the movie backers having a law suit on the promoters
I just thought about it last night. Very odd that Adam or none of the people on the movie are producers talking about it because around August there was alot of hype from the produced ect and Adam. Just a thought.
I hope the movie does have a law suit popping it out while Frozen is big with zero advertizing. I've heard it's a very enjoyable movie. A law suit could be why all the silence from the men in charge. This is just my opinion may be no fact to it.