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Adam Lambert IGs: Adam Sings "Smile" and more

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, March 28, 2020

Posted at : Saturday, March 28, 2020

What a treat!  Adam sings the classic Charlie Chaplin-penned tune, "Smile"...

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Adam posted four more "VELVET" lyrics video clips, compiled here by YouTuber y0116jp:

And, in case you missed the video we posted previously of Adam's IG with three other tracks:


Adam reposted a photo that a fan posted of him all decked out in Gucci.  He had this exact same look in a photo taken with Mario Lopez when he was on Mario's iHeart radio show ON With Mario Lopez last September, so he must have done the photo shoot the same day.  We'll repost that interview, as well, for your enjoyment — Gelly created a YouTube of the audio accompanied by the publicity shot of Adam and Mario.

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And he just posted a new promo video for "VELVET":

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#VELVET Is Out Now! Link in Bio!

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Dee R Gee said...

Well, Adam must have been feeling a big blue when he decided to sing Smile. Of course, he didn't a stellar job. This quarantine thing is getting to a lot of us. But it's our reality for a while yet.

BTW, after an initial great showing for the album Velvet, it's slipping a bit, which is natural. BUT, if you have not yet bought a copy or bought it on iTunes and gifted it, or if you haven't done much streaming or viewing of the songs, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT. We need to keep the momentum going for Velvet for as long as possible. Hopefully when the pandemic from hell is over, Adam will get out there and ramp up the promo. But so will every other artist out there. Competition is a reality. Every bit of support from his fans helps a lot. So, buy, listen, stream, view and gift if you can.

Angeladam said...

Loved his version of "smile" even though it's sad

annemarie said...

Loved Adam singing Smile. I think that is for us, because I don't think he is sad himself. His long time friend Terrance and his boyfriend have been staying with Adam, this last 2 months. I guess because Terrance is in Hamilton, and it has left NY, and come to LA, then the virus happened. So he has had good company. Probably Adam invited Terrance to stay at his home before anyone even knew about the virus, worked out great for Adam, he hates to be alone. Adam also posted 2 pictures of himself with Sauli wishing him a happy birthday. Nice to see they have remained good friends. Adam said he will see Sauli in September.

Sunflower said...

I remember when Adam posted this before a few years ago?. I agree with Annemarie, he brought this out again for his fans, a keep your chin up, this will pass, we're in this together message! He is not alone with this quarantine and I'm glad his good friend Terrance and Anthony plus jelly are all there for company. Btw Adam sang Smile so tenderly.💖💚

Dee R Gee said...

For those who do not know, "Smile" was written by Charlie Chaplin. It's a song that sure has stood the test of time. It's beautiful.

And happy birthday, Sauli! Sure hope he and Adam are able to visit a bit when his solo tour hits Finland. It will eventually! (Just like everything else will happen "eventually.")

Nanbert said...

"Smile" is not supposed to be happy, in spite of its's always been very bittersweet in mood and meaning (much like Charlie Chaplin's screen persona) And it certainly "works" for this pandemic.

Love Adam's beautiful acapella snippet. Wish he had sung the whole thing! His voice is a solace. How wonderful if he would spend a lot of the time singing to us during these "facetimes" (or whatever it's called).

broddybounce said...

Hi Dee! Hm, methinks you must have skimmed through the post too fast — look at the very first line of the post. 😁

And I've always loved Smile, such a gorgeous song. Yes, there is a bit of melancholy but I like it because it also is a song of hope and encouragement from one friend to another.

Yes, would love for Adam to sing more 'classic' tunes!

Great that Adam is acknowledging Sauli and his birthday!

Mi Re La said...

Brian May on IG
VELVET is OUT !!! That Voice in a Billion, @adamlambert delivers a tour de force. Click on Adam’s Bio to secure a copy !!! Bri

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert FULL Live Instagram, chatted with Boy George and friends, March 28

Sue Smith said...

Smile sang beautifully by Adam. Wish Adam would sing a song here and there from the album on the internet since he could do no promos. That should let more people here the songs sang live by Adam like on tv. He could do a bit from his home. He has Terance for back up. I know he needs music.
If he received the things he ordered to make music maybe he could make a bit of back up music for the songs. They are better than so much of the big deal stuff that's out there.